Where Do We Go From Here?

My Darling Fraudulent Angel II

The Scientists Say It Only Affects The Mind

Femen is at war with everything. Honestly I’m for some of the causes they are for too. The issue I have with them however is their messages quite often seem to get lost in translation (much like my posts, I suspect). More to the point, when I first came across them (hahaha – terrible) I was quite interested but for all the wrong reasons you’d say.

Well I’ll say too. When I saw these topless warriors protesting against – leading up to the Euro Cup 2012 – something to do with prostitution I believe, I missed the point because I was just too impressed by the lovely shape and form these ladies had. I clearly wasn’t interested in their message at the time. Then when it was explained, I was like, “Whaaat?”

In more recent times they’ve been speaking out against religion. That’s where I’ve become most interested. They disrupted some prayer session at the Vatican as well chopping down a cross in the Ukraine – that had coincided with Pussy Riot’s court case in Moscow. Also calling out Sharia law on several occasions. I agree that religion is used as a tool to control and understand it’s patriarchal roots or stance as it were. I don’t much like the idea of people being told that they must live the way of some indoctrination or religious ideology. That they will face eternal damnation and scaring the masses into living according to a book that was created by man and fear of an entity also created by such. It’s a little bit sick.

It’s only because of my own curiosity that I sought to delve further into their cause.  In terms of the attention they get, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Yes they get a lot of people’s attention wherever they are but like me in the beginning, I reckon for the wrong reasons as well. I’ve almost lost all interest in them since researching ’em a few weeks ago.

I really wanted to keep these posts short so, what I will do is put up two articles that you probably won’t read, which would express some of my negative feelings toward these topless warriors.

The first one is written by a woman and she explains why they irritate her.


The second article is from the guardian a week or two ago.


Finally, an article from the Huffington Post yesterday on a, Topless…Jihad…Day?


What can be said? In a day where everything is a movement and a protest. In this age we live in, fads and such just disappear or become forgotten fast. Remember Kony 2012? Occupy Wall Street – they are still presumably there but don’t get much coverage. How many are actually committed these days? Is it a case of, this is the in thing today, but I’ll join some other cause tomorrow?

I have nothing else to add but I will actually be posting again this evening (AST). Something 4/20 related.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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