The House I Live In

The Libertarian left has something to say, which is worth having a listen to. That is pertaining to the great American drug war. Yes, the drug war is in fact a world wide affair but America, I suppose is where it really started.

Take for example that grandmother, Lindsay Sandiford hailing from Great Britain who’s yet to face the firing squad, for smuggling several ki’s of coke into a resort in Bali. She said she was coerced, that she had no choice, for the safety of her own children were at stake. Obviously I don’t the true validity of her story, but regardless of how she came about doing the deed – I just don’t see the penalty matching the crime.

I’m just going to go out and say it right now, I honestly don’t think I have it in myself to visit anywhere that has such extreme penalties for drugs. I’m personally not interested in smuggling myself, mostly the whole prison thing is a turn off and I’m too nervous and jittery a person to even attempt entering the airport with illicit substances. I wouldn’t like to tempt fate, in gambling I have a fairly low success rate. And worst yet if someone plants it in my luggage, thus wrongfully locked up for possession.

So until they relax and calm down on their super harsh punishments, I have no particular need to visit such places.

I digress however.

“Eugene Jarecki, director and brother of documentary-maker Andrew Jarecki, here launches an angry and personal attack, from the libertarian left, on America’s war on drugs. Jarecki’s contention is that this is a grotesquely wasteful public-works scheme, creating paid activity for the police, the judiciary and the construction companies building prisons, by packing poor blacks and whites off to jail.”

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, Thursday 22 November 2012

I read about it and watch an interview post summer last year, so I’m glad it’s finally coming to television – though I’m sure I could have searched the internet for it a long time ago. Also the fact that it’s showing on PBS, makes it all the more worth watching on the tube. To think that just might not have been possible had Romney been elected.

Also featuring in the documentary as an interviewee is the author of the wire, David Simon. – I should have really posted this in the morning so I could have informed you lot from early, hopefully some of you catch it.


A brief note on the images that I’ve been posting on their own as images – those I should have mentioned are works that are in progress or ideas that I just threw together but most likely will not finish or develop.

The images I put up within a post will be the money.


Today’s post, we continue with some collage, these two are in an in between state. In that I’m not fully certain if I will continue them – they represent a mix of dubious advertising and consumerism. Using found retro adverts in the early days of the computer age.  If I’m pleased with how they come out in the end, they will be a part of a collage collection I’m working on called, Computer Blue.

Computer Blue

(Left) On Your Mark, Get Set, Munch. (Right) Computer Blues

At this stage in my collage I started fitting images into compositions a little better. Don’t worry though, they continue to get better after these.

The tennis player in the piece on the left actually came from a tennis video game ad from the 80’s. Funny enough, it was a Super Famicom game. I’m guessing they got the idea from that Athena model. Now for the life of me I can’t find that original ad. Anyway, so amused by the suggestiveness of advertising at times, I thought it’d be interesting to mix up the video game ads a little bit to carry the smut further.

The second image was originally an ad for the Apple II – I threw in the iconic pin up like female from the vintage movie poster for “Attack of The 50 Foot Woman.” – I think this was going to be some commentary on porn or technology addiction, maybe both. I sort of lost the meaning along the way. It just got to the point where I kind of liked the composition and ran with it. Attach whatever meaning you want to it.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing!

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