Tube Journey That Time Forgot.

Riding on the tube is something that I miss just about as much as I don’t miss it.

Call me crazy but I think I’d honestly prefer to take a tube  journey to work, than driving in rush hour traffic day in and day out.

With an altered depth of perception and time, riding on one of the faster tube lines, like say the Victoria Line can be a hell of an experience i.e. if prior to travelling, you consumed a whole heap of collie or something super potent.

In my memory, I’m seeing a bit of a radial blur effect occurring here.

Tube Tripping Radial Blur(WaterMarked)

Trip On The Tube:Southbound on the Northern Line

‘Trip On The Tube’ made via my usual medium, Photoshop. I worked with a few mixer brushes this time, for the majority of the painting.

Herrn Weinner

Herrn Weinner

Herrn Weinner, another collage I put together a few days ago. The title actually came to mind as I was in the process of uploading the picture. Originally it was going to be  just simply, ‘Weinner’ after the jar of apparent sausage brand. But looking at the ‘Mr. Weenie’ sign, I thought it should indeed have a formal title before it’s name.

As you can see, I’ve recently become a fan of finding retro adverts for homes, living rooms, kitchens etc. Then filling these static rooms with people and objects interacting with each other. Like most collage, particularly one’s where it involves; organic life or objects that wouldn’t usually be associated with the environment that they are placed in – I would say is akin to a zoo. Sure when you think of a zoo, you immediately think animals. Though it’s not what one would consider their natural habitat however.

Habitat itself in this case, changes as well. For example, is this a living room or waiting room of an establishment. Is the North African man the owner or is he a guest, patron or visitor.

Here’s the room before I defaced it (minus the mirror).

Retro Living Room

Retro Living 

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing

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