A Gambling Man

None much to report at all, really. I’m working on a little collage, mixed media, titled: For No Reason At All 

– I’ll just post a pic of where I’m at currently, the title itself should be pretty self explanatory.

Here’s our reference then.

September 1952 Crown Gasoline calendar | David Lockhart | Source: Plan 59 / http://vi.sualize.us/

          Having established a few crazy ideas flying through my head, I commence adding more sourced images from around the Googlesphere.

For No Reason At All - Stage I - Setting up the stage.

A Gamble With Art – Stage I – Setting the stage.

I think what I’m basically trying to achieve here is some form of surrealism through painting and collage. I swiped this particular image – to set the stage or create a focus – from this site with retro advertisements etc. and the artist of it’s creation is David Lockhart featured in September 1952 Crown Gasoline calendar – I suppose you could say, sampled it for my amusement. This is serving as more of a test run, as I give brush and found image a chance to be together. As for that feeling of surrealism I’m looking for…

I think I’m finding that feeling a little bit more now with the complete zaniness that the narrative has transformed into. In a fashion inspired by a combination of Salvador Dali and the likes of MAD magazine…Yeah the retro editions of the monthly publication like.

For No Reason At All - Collage, Painting .

A Gamble With Art – Collage, Painting .

I added the large sign behind to accompany a retro diner at first but now I’m thinking to just leave it on it’s own.  I can’t honestly remember where I sourced any of the other images in this work. I’ve been negligent. And speaking of negligence. This piece is rife with depictions of utter negligence.  The parents are negligible, the schools are negligible, the government is…. all right, I like to exaggerate for effect. The only thing missing now is the smoking gun.

Let’s end this with a little song that I picked up as recent as Sunday. It’s an old tune apparently, go figure.

I’ve been listening to some proper old, oooold tunes of recent.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing


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