Caution: Slippery When Wet!

A wet Sunday.

As I ponder on celebrity and the worship of.

I’m personally not a fan, I think it’s ridiculous..particularly in the extreme cases.

Doting in Idolatry

Doting in Idolatry

Another piece of collage, painting mix. One Kanye West, framed within the borders of a flat screen. A crown adorns the top of the telly, while it is set into a gaudy, golden alcove that’s suppose to symbolise a throne. I thought Kanye would be a good one to throw on the television, for his inflated sense of self. The set surrounding the t.v. also speaks about the “master’s” influence on the “slave’s” tasteless decor.

This is to emphasize the importance of this man of  perceived royalty or higher being. The woman lying on the rug, represents the majority who get off, on celeb gossip, tabloids and essentially relating to this form of non-news et. al. More specifically those who take this form of escapism to the extreme.

I chose Mr. West because I believe he depicts megalomania the best, in our modern age. 

For the collage bit pertaining to the left side, it was another found image of a retro living room set. The aesthetic really does a good job of taking me back to a time and place where I’ve never existed. I like that.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing



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