A Day Of Observance II

My 100th post and a full year since my first post of, A Day of Observance.

I’d just like to wish you guys a….

Happy 4/20

Happy 4/20

This post was supposed to be massive one and oh so heavy in content. But my day job had me rather busy this week and thus I haven’t actually finished anything in time for today.

No matter though, I’ll just post a few pics of some work that I’ve got in development and walk you through them a bit. In terms of the work, whether or not I choose to finish them, only time will tell.

So in the past week I’ve been doing more research into Roy Lichtenstein’s work, in light of the Tate Modern’s: Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective. Which of course I will be missing due to the lack of funds to get me there between now and late May, when the exhibition is supposed to wrap up.

That aside, the BBC channel gave me the next best thing to going, they gave me a tour as well as history lesson on Lichtenstein himself. So now as a result I’ve begun doing studies and work in response to his style and somewhat meticulous method of creating work. These works are to pay homage to Roy Lichtenstein.

Benday (Lichtenstein) Dots and Solid Primary Colours.

A piece I title: My Junk. Employed the use of Benday (Lichtenstein) Dots and Primary Colours.

Where Lichtenstein aimed to make his work look machine made and eliminating brush strokes; I work on a machine with digital art software, making purposeful brush strokes to standout. Giving the impression that I was painting with a more traditional medium.

Another example of this, is in today’s header. It’s not actually in a gallery as yet, but one day maybe.

Here’s one of the components of the illustration.

It Tastes Awful - Use Only In Case of Emergency

It Tastes Awful – Use Only In Case of Emergency

I find the packaging for this brand of rolling paper, aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Not nearly as harsh as the quality of the smoke produced. You might be just better off sticking the whole lot of them together and make yourself some cartridge paper for printing on.

Bing, Bong

Bing, Bong

I was studying a few of Lichtenstein’s nudes and thought I’d like a crack at it too.



Lichtenstein in a way, liberated the artist i.e. Allowing one to create work first and find meaning it after. I think this is fine, sometimes you’re just doing for the sake of doing but find potentially deep meaning in that work and consider where it may come from on a subconscious level.


Oh look, wild Roy Lichtenstein video/doc appeared.

BBC’s Whaam Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Modern

If you’re looking for an amusing and festive film to watch while baking, try Doug Benson’s, “Best Movie Ever Rolled.”

As far as music to jam to while up in the sky…I’ve been hooked on Tom Wait’s, “Clap Hands” and Velvet Underground’s, “Venus In Furs.” Both of which I posted in my most recent posts.

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing.

Have a high, safe and happy 4/20, folks.

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