The Selfie: Take II

So Self Absorbed, I Should Be Called ‘Bounty’

Previously I talked of selfies or self portraiture in the modern age. I might have said something about doing another selfie.

Self portraits can be an amusing exercise and the time spent I suppose would be the ideal introspection time also. I’ve done a few over time, in various styles and mediums. Like photos they’d remind yourself of you of that time, that time itself forgot.

Self Portrait 2013

‘Self Portrait 2013’

This may in fact be the truest self portrait I’ve done. Ever.

Self absorption is not pretty but the swifter picker upper seldom is after soaking up mess. This is less about vanity and more about the self without the extreme narcissism.

A classic tune from back in the day before my day.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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