Psycho Crusher

I’ll keep it short. Consider this a contextual, research and end of month update/news post. What we have here today is a recorded lecture about Psychotropic Drugs and The Nature of Reality. Also a few updates on the continuing changes happening on the blog.

Professor Michael Persinger has an in depth knowledge about pyschotropic drugs and their effects, we’re talking about LSD, Cannabis, Mescaline et al.

This information wasn’t all the new to me but gave me a somewhat fresh perspective and understanding of the mind and how it reacts to these types of drugs. The BBC has done a series on drugs – much like NatGeo’s Drugs Inc. which followed a year or so after- in the past and they displayed all the information in flashy animated format. I’m really not sure what it is, but I somehow prefer the lecture stylee more, feels more academic and less dramatised.

It also pleases me that the prof. speaks like a true scholar, a man of science, he doesn’t mince his words. He discourages abuse but also notes that there is a lot less danger or risk  involved in cannabis use than it’s actually given credit for, as well as promoting its medicinal properties.

“…they (the psychotropics) are like any other tool, they are only as proficient and as dangerous as the person using it.. and as knowledgeable as the person using it.”

It also sheds light on the whole spacial effect and the feeling of other (or a sensed presence) which is a result of increased blood flow in the right hemisphere . (brief) – The most interesting finding to me though, is the relationship between those who get strong paranoia and strong creativity.

You can of course, watch the full lecture Psychotropic Drugs and the Nature of Consciousness, which I strongly recommend. If you want to know about other drugs effects and how they interact with the brain, then I highly recommend this.

This is of course obviously a great interest of mine and thus I found it quite riveting, but if brain science appeals to you, this might too. And if nothing else it should help into allowing you to put future works in to context. Or at least that’s the idea.


Some reading


And speaking of paranoia, I came across this reading material the other day. A book I would consider getting my hands on at some point, I’m really curious about the content and the particulars of the ‘coaching’.

“Handbook for the High Functioning Paranoiac, The Principles of Marijuana Paranoia Management Coaching”

I really have no place promoting or recommending a book that I haven’t read. But as I said before, I’m keen on reading it in the future. The title sounds self explanatory, and there are a few excerpts on their site.

”  A life-long “marijuana paranoiac,” Basamanowicz began his research in Uttarakhand, India. Using an audio-recorder and personal video log, he captured and soberly analyzed several hours worth of his own acutely paranoid episodes. After interviewing over 200 other paranoiacs, he proceeded to develop a system of strategies and mantras designed to subdue fear and anxiety, while preserving access to unique fields of imaginative space.”  – About the Author (Excerpt)

Site Update


As the blog continues to evolve, so shall the fonts. The hunt for good fonts has been established, both for the title as well as the main text. I have no qualms with the title font now, but I’ll still go through a process of selecting until one is finally chosen.. Truth be told I actually like this font, the one right now for this text, but I work from a decent sized screen so I’ll have to refer to smaller monitors, see how/if it translates.

The background is also just a placeholder for the interim, might be a little while but I’ve got something brewing up there, something strangely uniform but like a skin. A skin of myself.

And finally, I’m also in the process of trying various ways of laying out of the content;  i.e. information/text and organisation of images, try to make it all a bit more engaging.


I’d like to round this post off with some Dexter Wansel, for the man is some sort of funking master, he also looks like a musical Neil Degrasse Tyson.

‘It’s like 40 grams of Psycho energy’

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing

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