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Role Model

Mr. Nice Howard Marks

Mr. Nice Howard Marks

Yeah, I know. Howard Marks isn’t my idea of an ideal role model, at least not the one of pre-incarceration anyway. The current one, who’s become a crime fiction novelist and reads at nightclubs etc may be a better example, having left his drug smuggling career in the past (presumably).   

“The legalization of drugs is one thing, the glamorisation of drugs is perhaps not so helpful.”

       – that was a comment I saw in reference to an article I read on Howard Marks in the Guardian. A comment which induced a bit of chuckle, but by far not the most ridiculous.

I in part agree with it to an extent. A few days ago rap artist, Kendrick Lamar had a short interview, where he made clear his stance on rappers singing about “Molly” or “Mandy” (if you hail from the U.K) all of a sudden despite not necessarily having actually consumed it. In turn I guess this would encourage the fans to do follow suit, which is silly if they’re following the example set by a man who doesn’t follow through.

We’ve been told or taught that drugs are uncool and talking about casual use is even more so. With that in mind, I imagine talking about doing them without actually doing them must therefore be the pinnacle of inanity.

Unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily get any better. So now you have the impressionable fans living vicariously through someone who’s not actually doing all of that MDMA that they claim themselves to be.

I’m not judging entirely, but as Kendrick said, the entertainers just sound “corny” in the end.

 Alternatively there are others who I’ve got time for, others I like for their own brand of drug glamorisation, the herbs promotion.

And talking about popular music icons, I’m actually going to laud my fellow cannabis enthusiast, and cultural ambassador of her country and mine…




  …That’s right, it’s Rihanna.

In earnest, I don’t listen to a whole lot of her music. I can name a few of her songs and I would be able recognise some still if I were to hear them on the radio or at a club/fete. But the fact still remains I’m a fan of what she does.

Apart from whatever she does (repping) for our island, I also like how she rattles people’s cages. Particularly conservatives of our native land. Which is quite brilliant when you consider the majority of the island is ultra conservative or at least on the surface they’d like to appear on various matters.

In this particular case, the immorality of cannabis use and its so-perceived degenerate users. 

I couldn’t tell you whether or not ganja really appears in her music, I assume not somehow. Thanks again to modern digital technology, we the internet have been enlightened to Ri-Ri’s fondness of marijuana cigarettes through such mediums as twitter and Instagram – them self incriminating tweets and selfies again.

Once those pictures enter the public domain, they eventually find themselves in our local newspaper. Drawing all the judges of morality and pontifs out of the woodwork.

And to be fair they don’t target her solely for her vices, they also go nuts when she dresses like a “hussy” according to them as well for her “slack” lyrics and debauched content in her videos. Either way she clearly doesn’t seem to care and nor should she.

Seriously, these sanctimonious malcontents just love to lose their heads over it all. So contrary to their feelings I hope she does make everyone feel like it’s acceptable, I mean apart from our youth of course, they shouldn’t think anything is good for them except for education, sports, arts and such activities. It’s no rush, save these vices for later, like when you’re an adult.

You know how the saying goes, “Do as I say and not as I do” – it should in this instance be, “Do as I do and not as I say” i.e. ignore the nonsense that dribbles out of these rappers’ mouths and do like Rihanna. 


Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing

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