Well done Cheerios, I’m a fan.

And While I admit I knew what I was walking into, I didn’t expect it to really turn out to be quite so surreal. I almost expected to hear an English accent but alas, no. It was that of an American. Very good.

Study the link, it’s not too much reading. It will put upcoming work into context. And you can read further from that link – such a liberal progressive advertisement can’t be unmet with disagreement.

Apparently certain sorts of people *cough* “idiots” were disgusted by this and naturally had nasty things to say, which I couldn’t really be bothered to read. Ignorance doesn’t really breed much ingenuity nor originality.

You would hardly require an active imagination to guess what their responses could have been.

And you know the ad must be good, because it managed to incense some racist and conservative types. Not that it really takes much in doing so.

Update: FYI – This is in fact a link, click on Cheerios at the top and be transported to another place, with actual information on this current topic.

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