Will The Real…


Not A Cop, Please Stand Up


By far, the most amusing twitter personality around. Genius. Is how I would refer to twitter’s NotACop. He’s the sole reason I actually came to love the popular slang word, “YOLO.” Prior to Not A Cop, I sincerely hated the inane acronym but after I saw how inappropriately it can be used, life had new meaning. He turned it into various parts of speech. i.e. YOLO’ers, YOLO’ing, YOLO’ed.



#notacop 1 – In Vandalism – Draft

If you’re familiar with this persona on twitter, you may also be aware of how many copy accounts there are of NotACopIt’s like the Dark Knight Returns where everyone follows Batman and dons the costume trying to emulate the masked vigilante.  

It’s like V for Vendetta or the Occupy Wall Street movement or those guys who protest against Scientology, outside of the Scientologist’s recruitment headquarters off of Tottenham Court Rd. London. Essentially, all of that to say that this resembles a crazy movement, even though it’s far from such.

I don’t know who the original person behind the idea is, I mean it could be the one I follow on twitter, ‘NoPoliceman,’ whom I believe to be a cut above the rest.

All of that is irrelevant because, the point is that the tweets are hilarious and I honestly can’t get enough of them. He often makes claims of being a quite adept drug abuser at the age of seventeen, and often suggests using them in the most unorthodox manner, such as “snorting beer” and “injecting marijuanas.”

Such outlandish and off-key tweets have forced my hand.

I’ve become so profoundly amused and inspired as such. As a fan, this could be seen as a borderline ‘fan art’ – I’ve officially commissioned myself to do several [3, 5 or 2] illustrations based on some of these wacky tweets.

Of which, all but one comes from NoPoliceman.

A selection of good tweets.

A selection of good tweets.

 While there are too many to choose from properly, I managed to pull together a shortlist of my faves. A difficult task, I can assure you. All of which I plan to use in the series of NotACop illustrations inspired by the one and only “NoPoliceman” – Also one from, “OhNotACop.”

I can’t remember the specifics of when/how I discovered Not A Cop on twitter but he became an instant hit for me. He often (if not only) talks about engaging in suspect and/or illegal activities and signs off with #notacop, as if guilty of such, which is nothing short of hilarious. There’s also his casual use of hash tags, which again, I love for all the wrong reasons.

I don’t usually (have I before?) recommend twitter accounts to follow but today is indeed very different. If you don’t use twitter, just Google or Bing NotACop and you’ll find other enthusiastic tweeters post his tweets on tumblr and other various blogs and sites.

With laughter as a weapon, they’ll eventually kill us all.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing

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