Noddy in…


The Other Side of Town


 Revisiting literature from my youth, coupled with the reading material supplied the other day, as well as this news  report regarding false claims of kidnap which I had come across sometime before, helped inspire the piece in progress, featured in today’s post.

WTF Noddy Exclaimed V


I came across the Noddy in Toyland stories. Books written by Enid Blyton which I never actually read much of, but still spent plenty of time staring at the illustrations created for the lot of them. The vibrant, water colours I wouldn’t say, made Toyland a reality but managed to give it a life of its own.

So far, I haven’t actually attempted to make my work look anything like the original artwork in terms of the paint technique. Partly because I’m trying to refine my own and also don’t want to necessarily reinvent the wheel here. I’m still considering it a little bit but for the most part but I’m looking for a more guache or acrylic feel to that of the water colour, painterly effect. I like the sharpness/crispness more.

In terms of colour, I want to express primary colours more than anything – recreating the nostalgiac feeling of being a child, new to colour and even later days where learning about primary and secondary colours. Kenny Scharf’s use of colour and childhood memories also inspired me in part.

Excerpt from 'Kenny Scharf' Art Book

Excerpt from ‘Kenny Scharf’ Art Book


I’ll talk about Scharf at length another time perhaps.

My original idea was a little bit more grim.

Mistaken Identity II

“Disguised in Violence from Head to Toe”


I was watching a documentary featuring this lot (above), just the other day so there’s why I’m sure they popped up in my train of thought while trying to come up with a concept.

Those wearing their over sized dunce caps that fall over their faces to hide their shame, with the two holes cut for the eyes so they can watch their step.

Alas, they don’t step correct.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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