Jim Crow of The Modern Age

When asked how we end racism. Morgan Freeman said simply, “Stop talking about it.”  It’s a quaint idea, if only not talking about it made it disappear. I suppose I’ll stop when it no longer exists, i.e. not in my lifetime.


That being said, I genuinely like how he says, “I’ll stop calling you a white man and I’ll ask you to stop calling me a black man.” 

This I love to agree with, we should just call each other man or woman, where appropriate. I’d love for us to stop labeling, categorising and otherwise throwing people into boxes.

Differently, I’m not one for dwelling on the prior injustices (while not forgetting) but more concerned with those of today which are yet still influenced by those of the past. 

Let’s rise up, fuck transgression!

They say you shouldn’t worry about things that are out of your control, now maybe it’s out of an individual’s control but as a collective I’m sure, is an entirely different story. To run with the cliched line, together we can make a change. Let’s rise up, fuck transgression!

So anyway, I can stop talking about it but I won’t stop talking about it. Highlighting social injustice is just something I (like to?) do these days.

In any event the information in today’s post really highlights the whole motivation and substance behind my work to this day.

Essentially the very basis of my ‘Wog’ paintings. 


Jim Crow of The Modern Age. ‘Monopoly’ (2012)


And speaking of throwing people into boxes…

I Just watched this video not too long ago this morning, while the general info is not terribly ground breaking, it’s interesting to read the up to date stats. Stats can paint a rather vivid picture.

Modern day Jim Crow is an apt name for this form injustice today. 

For those of you who want it in print complete with graphs and the like, you can check the link below – it’s all the same. 


It’s funny though, a lot of non smokers and others who are overall indifferent about cannabis and the struggle involved, claim since it has nothing to do with them, it matters not whether it’s legal or illegal.

That’s because (I’m hoping) it all comes down to ignorance, they don’t know the true gravitas effect it has on our societies on a whole. 

I don’t know what it is…but something about seeing people locked up for victim less crimes to fill prison owners pockets, kind of irks me. More irritation comes when the law absent of wisdom, leans heavily against a group of people based on their skin colour.

This is why I dream of a day when there is no talk of racism or disparity, because there will be no race but the human race. 

I leave you now with one of my personal favorites from Robert Nesta Marley


1 Love folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing!

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