Bon Anniversaire!

That’s right folks! This blog is now 2 years old!   


My work replacing Rothko's at the Tate Modern.

My work replacing Rothko’s at the Tate Modern because I’m a boss or something like that. (Warning: Work may look considerably smaller in person.)

In these two years I’ve had 5910 views with 220 views on my best day. It’s not a whole lot given the time frame but it’s alright given how I run the blog. It can and will possibly improve in time. You know how they say, “Whatever is to is, must is.” – Maybe you don’t.

The quantity is really of little consequence to me, once it reaches someone. And of course the beauty of the internet is that my work does reach far and wide.

So yes here we are now, two years since the end of my art school days and with a greater understanding of art and it’s purpose and potential. It definitely means a lot more to me since I’ve been using it as an expression of my thoughts on the varying matters that have come up in this forum (for lack of a better word).

That being said, I recall when I first started this blog, it was really just a bit of an experiment to me. My manager set it up and insisted it was a good idea, I wasn’t sure at the time but now it’s actually proven itself to be.

Working digitally, I find this tool (can we call it) functions well as a journal that I can refer to all the time. The heathen that I am, does not use his sketchbooks and notebooks effectively, for which I’m sure I’ll pay.

Truth is, this is only the beginning, we haven’t even scratched the surface as yet. If we were on a journey, it hasn’t yet commenced. We’re still throwing junk on the horse’s back, or packing our own duffel bags but certainly haven’t hit the open road, neither sea nor mountain trail, depending on what analogy you’re running with.

I could be very wrong but I believe when I say I believe really good things are coming upon us (mostly me but also you lot who follow me, by extension) fast.

By the end of this month I may have potentially brilliant news that could see me and my work get out there and off the proverbial starting block.

Now of course I’m not about calling goats mouth (jinxing it), and if things don’t fall in my hands, I’ll be sure to let you know in some scathing fashion.

I joke, of course.


HG Future

Mock up of my work replacing Mark Rothko’s stupid paintings in random prestigious gallery. (Picture: Stolen from the Guardian…again.)

I also kid when I call Rothko’s paintings stupid. While I’m not his biggest fan, I can definitely appreciate his work up close and personal. Once you’ve seen them in a room, your feeling towards his paintings may be inclined to change. Unless you’re a fucking emotionless automaton. 

His understanding and application of colour is better than most and thus far more fascinating in person. My mentor Samba taught me (in a not-so literal sense of teaching) to temper my feelings towards work that I don’t actually understand, in that I try not to hate it. 

You know how that goes, ignorance -> fear -> loathing -> Las Vegas

It is indeed my dream that one day I’ll see my work up in galleries all over the world, to gain greater skill and knowledge through the people I’d meet and the experiences I’d have far and wide. To eventually lecture, teach, tutor art as a professor, where I’d impact students and inspire the aspiring artists as my mentors and idols do for me today.

Well I suppose this is a tentative dream, ideas and feelings are subject to change over time but I’m certain here in the now, that it is what I want there in the then.

I think I’ve talked about shoring up the blog a bit and sorting out an official website for a long time. That’s still on the cards of course and yes it would have been rather swell for it to launch on this day but technical difficulties allayed our progress (I use terms like “our” and “we” frequently like a bit of schizoid, whatever.) and thus it’ll be yet a while until such becomes some kind of reality.

'Stop Carry Water In A Basket' - The title of this unfinished  piece and upcoming post.

‘Stop Carry Water In A Basket’ – The title of this concept piece as well as an upcoming post.

This blog if any of you care to remember was supposed to be mainly dedicated to counter culture, art and of course cannabis. I guess I managed two out of three – the counter culture aspect has been rather minimal, bordering on non existent.

Oh well, I’m not going to say I’ll make an effort to rectify that. I’ll be content with the fact that I occasionally drop acid rock or some 60’s tunes that resonate with me. And there was that time I recommended EASY RIDER to you lot. Doubt any of ye’s even checked it out yet. In the likely event you haven’t seen it yet, do it ffs.

Let this blog do what it does, just let it grow maaaan. Like the dreads on my head.

Essentially in trying to keep short an already longer than planned anniversary blog post, I’ll just say thanks to all of you who have and continue to show your support. You should know who you are, I’m calling no names.

I love Amy Winehouse and she’s dead. I’m listening to her right now. Her music that is, not her.

Also like to give special thanks to my manager! – not even joking. I actually have one to thank. 

Irie and thanks again folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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