Persistence of Folly

 This post was initially going to be about carrying water in a basket, but since I already posted the beginning of that painting, “Stop Carry Water In A Basket.”  which is actually more relevant to past posts.

At this juncture, I think it probably best to just leave it for now. In short though – that piece was suppose to be in references to reefer madness arguments. Arguments that are akin to carrying water in a basket i.e. make no sense.

 I’ve exhausted that topic of late and want to look at something else for a little while. Struggle perhaps, yes.

Persistence of Folly

Persistence of Folly

I suppose we never really do escape.

An exercise in futility that rivals Jesus’ preamble in the desert. Forty days and nights in the desert sun? Well, days to be fair. It should be right there with A Horse With No Name now that’s frivolity if I’ve heard it. Still a good song, yes.

This is a continuation, let us say; of the Dali inspired “Persistence,” paintings that I’ve put to work thus far. The journey through the desert tests his resolve as the landscape persistently reminds the wanderer of his folly. Like a mirage, the traveler sees what might be a rest stop where he may find temporary respite.

Well I could only avoid the topic for so long.

 Ironic, that the U.S is largely responsible for cannabis’ illegality around the world, yet they are the one’s with so much freedom now with the plant, creating all sorts of interesting ways to consume and get high. Meanwhile those of us from outside of Amurca, are all sucking salt.

I wouldn’t say I predicted such revelations during my final major project at art school, but I did consider the whole idea of cannabis in accepted society and hence the Marijuana Branding idea which essentially served as the catalyst for which my work has come out of.

The situation on a whole really is much like that of carrying water in a basket. Pointless…stupid, rather irritating thing to witness. Soon, I hope…soon.

Irie, folks

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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