Perspective From The Moon – Brace For Impact!

'Chalkboard Empire'

‘Chalkboard Empire’

It’s like a movie..but in real life..

It’s like a collaborative effort between Russel Crow in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and your stock, frantic irrational madman. Only thing is, he has a show, with varying levels of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Of course that being said, he’s clearly not an idiot. He like many other extremist or fanatical mouthpieces prey on the ignorant masses and unfortunately making profit off their stupidity. There are times that I will watch a video clip of his show, usually selected by others who are wary of this spreader of mad diatribe.

This piece of work is a representation of words spoken by G. Beck – The Kool-Aid Man himself, “tin foil hats and speakers out, that’s what Glenn Beck is talking about!” 

That is to say, this 4th of July Beck is going to have an open conversation with the moon in front of, “who know’s how many sheep?” at the brain wash corral.

That is to say, Beck is engaging his audience with an abstract piece of performance art, whereby they learn the truth of what’s really going on through a personification of the moon. They’re getting the lowdown, at a good old fashioned hoe down, so to speak. This will all take place in some expanse of land in Utah or somewhere.

My words could never serve this justice, so I’ll leave you with a short clip of the delusional character explaining his big day for the lucky libertarian and Mormon faithful that signed up for this wacky ride.

As he put it, “ will be unlike anything your family has ever experienced in the past.” – Wow, lucky them. 

They say the difference between sanity and insanity is, success.

Fucking incredible.

He alleges this lesson about the world will be purely from the moon’s point of view, not his. Good thing right?

It was only a matter of time until I made a post about our boy out of Palookaville.

Don’t get me wrong, this man isn’t all fun and games. His words are heavily misguided and are received by anxious and ignorant ears. So while I’d deem it safe to assume he doesn’t believe his spew to the extent that his viewership does, I’m sure he still has some measure of belief.

The man’s a a true thespian.

Beck is to journalism, what Nicolas Cage is to acting.

Clearly speaking on behalf of Loki, creating chaos and confusion across the land among the feeble minded.

He also occasionally makes some genuinely bold and offensive claims about him leading a modern day civil rights movement and likening himself to blacks in the 60’s.

I know there’s the saying, “Who’s more foolish, the fool or the one who pays the fool attention?” – I can’t help at times. I’ll just say that I look forward to certain online media outlets making their commentary and giving their 2 cents on the topic.

I’m not an American nor do I live there but I can still wish my American followers and visitors, a Happy 4th of July!

You enjoy yourselves folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing!

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