And They’re Worried About Us?

What were they worried about? They thought that their country would be destroyed by a black communist, anti-christ democratic president? A “socialist” they would call him, with his Obama Care and higher taxes for rich and “gun control” or the “taking away our guns.”
Fear Eye Tray - Reduction

Title: Fear Eye, Tray!
This piece was from a collection of eyes I painted last year (2012). This one represents the moment before George Zimmerman pulled the trigger.

Well worry no more conservatives, you’re still allowed to walk free after taking out the man you fear and loath so much and evidently with no recourse. You still have that one. The world is changing but in many ways it stays the same.

While the verdict for the Martin case wasn’t actually surprising, it certainly didn’t make it any less infuriating, the justice system is clearly a farce and could really use some reviewing.

Probably because the result wasn’t so surprising, I didn’t find myself fuming so much. Which lead me to think, why was anyone legitimately surprised by this? Since when has the system actually been sympathetic in these cases. How long did it take for them to actually deal with Stephen Lawrence’s murderers? Bloody long, I can tell you that.

Alas the fear is (made) rational from their point of view – I could really go down a long road here, but that’s not the point of this post – It’s fear perpetuated by the media to the masses through outlets such as: Fox News, The Daily Mail, The Sun and especially vile characters such as; Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. With their misinformation, propaganda and rhetoric spread through the airwaves (noise/mind pollution), they only reinforce their ignorance.

Here’s an interesting one I came across roughly three weeks ago. Fox news in their regular scare mongering manner, were reciting some interesting facts and advice (not sure if) masked as opinion, regarding the issue presented by the recent study of demographics in Amerka. See below video presented by The Young Turks.

People like Zimmerman must be quite freaked out by these facts and still feel the need to help cull their perceived problem. If only someone told him, “Relaaax, they’re probably more afraid of you, than you are of them…” maybe the young lad would still be alive today. Who knows though, maybe some other crazy idiot would have done it instead. We can’t know is what I’m getting at, forget about the what if’s.

“It’s not all doom and gloom however”

So as long as we know, despite the world spinning off its axis, change is absolute.

Because of this notion of a problem, taking place…

02 You Should Have Listened (Sample)

Title – “You Should Have Listened” Inspired by reefer madness arguments involving cannabis and wild miscegenation.

We’re gonna make it!

“They accept our culture but not us.” This obviously doesn’t apply to all, I’m not about to generalise. But you might find that while our entertainers may receive a lot of love, the average Joe, his equal, receives none.

If you give into account that they first destroyed our culture, what little we managed to salvage and start a new. With a fresh start, certain aspects of our culture (particularly music and television in some degree) have been accepted and assimilated into mainstream popular culture.

This, in fairness isn’t an entirely unique trait to one race either. In fact I’m sure it’s common of all races, we are still after all human.

While we may yet be divided by borders and culture differences, we are still all of the same makeup, we’re all human and thus individuals at the end of the day. You may probably find that less so, depending on the perceived individual’s persuasion. That is whether you’re actually of a sound and individual mind or that of a safe, collective mind. Be it through religion, politics or the military.

I’m not a judge though. I never studied law.

It takes all sorts to make the world go round.

I’ll end this with a tune, coming from Robert Nesta, Marley. 

Because we don’t need, “no more trouble.”

Look out for the following post with a sneak peak of my next illustration is progress. Nostalgic and all too familiar.

Irie, folks

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing!

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