Let It Grow, Let it Grow, Let It Grooooow!

I apologise, for this is not the post you may have been looking for. That will come next week for sure. In the mean time, enjoy this little tidbit of a video I came across at breakfast this morning.

While the weather outside ain’t frightful
And the sun is sure delightful
As long as there’s a space for dro
Let it grow, let it grow, let it groooow!
                   – H.G.Fields

Ooooo, Eine gruppe von verrückten Studenten plant cannabis all over their university and surrounding area. Big deal right? So risque, right?

Well apart from me thinking that it’s a brilliant notion, it also reminds me that I had the same exact idea about two years ago when I finished my studies.

I wanted to come home to my island and throw seeds all over the place, particularly in front of the parliamentary ministers’ offices and house of parliament.

Alas I had neither the resources nor the nerve to do such and thus it became nothing more than just a crazy fantasy. It remains something I’d like to see where I live but I’m not up for the task. Maybe we need masked vigilantes all over, spreading these seeds of hope.

Whether I believe myself to have thought up of the plan first and if whether anyone believes it or not is of no importance nor relevance. The important thing is that these rebels skipped the rhetoric and cut straight to the action, well done guys.

I salute them, ‘The Autonomous Flower Children’ who could well refer to themselves as ‘The League of Shadows.’ Albeit a peaceful branch with a significantly less (not actually) dangerous cause.

So while the authorities attempt to unmask the culprits of this rather lovely botanical, social experiment\excercise in social disobedience, they may respond with;

In the words of Bane,

It doesn’t matter who we are….what matters is our plan.”

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing!

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