Update Time

Good morning folks,

It’s update time.

So very glad that August has finally come! Good news aplenty and abound. 

Since I’ve been maintaining radio silence for so long, a few interesting things have come up.

A lot I’d like to share with you but not much that I can allow myself to say as yet. Very, very soon though.

For those of you who might not know, which I imagine are a lot of you; I’ll be a part of a small group exhibition in the future in East London and quite possibly another “mystery event.” Details of which will be spared for now but the next news update will have that info maybe around the middle of this month. Quite exciting stuff.

I’ll most likely not have too much new work being posted for the next few months or so, due to several illustrative obligations/commitments as well as obviously preparations for exhibitions, travel et al.

I may have mentioned at some point, somewhere that I will be creating an inspirations page where you can find quite direct insights to my work and quick reference as such. I had more to say on the topic but my memory of such eludes me. I’ll be updating it at random so just keep an eye out.

The first post will be here today however, so keep your eyes peeled.

First artist (and art pundit) I’ll be referring to, is one Hennesy Youngman also known as Jayson Musson, an interesting character from the Bronx N.Y.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing and Stay Amazing

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