Now For Something Completely Different

The savannah begins to take shape.

The savannah begins to take shape.

Long time no blog, my work computer’s on the fritz…

Which means I have no choice but to work traditionally.

Though, coincidentally I wanted to create some work away from the computer for a little while anyway. Finally commit to some neo-luddism in my method of producing work. The order for the remainder of the year was to, work traditionally with paint, pen and ink, lino cut, board etc. 

Really wanted to run with the Dali inspired, surreal giraffes..

Really wanted to run with the Dali inspired, surreal giraffes..

And working traditionally I’ve begun, with a mural that I’ve been commissioned to paint as a catalyst it seems..

Now it took me time to finally warm up to this particular job. Prior to this I never worked on a surface this big, in addition I haven’t painted outside of a computer programme in quite some time, so rustiness was to be taken into account. I finally decided to stop playing it safe and just go for it. So yeah, I’m basically just going for it now.


Where the fuck’s the keyboard and mouse now, eh? None, we’re working with water based paints, acrylics, flat emulsion satin, paint brushes and the lot.

The next challenge I’m faced with is trying to find a balance in terms of the colour and the aesthetic. The mural is for a newborn’s room, which should have a lasting effect for up to about five years maybe. It shouldn’t be to be too realistic but also not to be so kitsche.

Pastel colours are soft and I figured probably best for the baby’s mind. The grass in the foreground will be sorted out once the animals are complete.

Missing from the current pictures are the monkeys and foreground foliage to be added in. Also in decision as to what the lion might be resting on, whether it be pressed down grass or a large chunk of stone, elevated above the middle ground.. 


Outlining where the lion should be with something looking a cross between charcoal and graphite. Mystery Medium.

This however is thankfully where I can use my older and strangely, still functioning laptop with the appropriate editing software. Just run an image it through photoshop to work out my next steps without fucking up the live mural itself and tossing about money, like I have an unlimited money cheat.


The Lion looks like he’s out of the Lion King. This wasn’t intentional but it was a favourite of mine as a youth, so hardly surprising.

This project is quite challenging but not what I expected, not the excruciating exercise I had envisioned. No, on the contrary the challenge is both fun and enlightening. In fact I’m thinking of working on some big pieces again after this, perhaps even another mural.

I should be done sometime next week, It won’t be too long before you see the end product.

Irie folks,

…Stay Amazing.

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