Signs of Consciousness

So what’s going on in the world today?

This article was actually scheduled for the first week of October but that’s when I took on the job, working on a mural. The nice thing about that is though, since then Switzerland decriminalised cannabis. 

And with that, as we see out the last quarter of the year, we can look back and see that it has been an interesting one thus far.

We’ve seen cannabis freed up in Uruguay, the government will be harvesting marihuana, setting a price of $1 per gram. Their new law will allow citizens to buy 40 grams a month give or take, depending on the bud’s THC content. Fuck Me! 

If I were Luis Suarez I would play a few more years of footy, retire, pack up and return home!

Switzerland is also moving in the right direction, with the herbs being decriminalised now. Paying a fine for weed is still crazy but less so than doing time for a petty non-crime.

It’s been legalised completely in Colorado as well as Washington state in the U.S. of A. for medical and recreational use. The DOJ said they’d finally give them a bligh and stop from harassing these law abiding citizens and allow them to smoke in peace.

Meanwhile in other states and countries, we’re still feeling the wrath of unrelenting prohibition.

So what say you, oh wise CARICOM?

What I like and find interesting is that Mr. Holder is in fact a man who hails from the same island as I. Yet this very island and the neighbouring islands perennially enforce antiquated, draconian laws for the possession of drugs of any quantity, essentially.

My island as well as others used to thrive on tourism and sugar but of course with the economic recession, we’re lacking in tourist traffic. Which of course means there’s not a lot of money being made throughout this industry.

As for sugar, well we’re seeing less and less cane fields, a lot of land that’s going unused and overgrown. If they would, I don’t know… maybe legalise hemp and cannabis and put that earth to use. Would you look at that? I’m seeing job creation and a thriving hemp industry complete with job creation. Regulate it, tax it and start earning some revenue instead of losing it.

I believe we need to get with the times. The revolution has begun. With these cannabis enterprises we can then work on weed tourism. Jamaica was discussing this recently. Ganja Tourism in an island where marijuana might as well be legal, it still is quite the opposite. Despite illegality, the law is still quite relaxed and most see no problem with it. As a matter of fact, I understand it would be quite difficult to convince a Jamaican that consuming herb is wrong.

It would be hard to compete with Jamaica, what with it’s mass and the fact that they’re decades ahead of us in cultivation. But there are people who choose the various islands, for their varying holiday reasons already.

People visit for the sun, sand and sea. All very well and good, I love each of those elements and I love the combination. All very lovely and nice, there’s also the rum.

People like rum. People like beach. People like drinking rum on the beach, in the sun or in the shade.

People do like shade. People do like grade. People do like smoking grade under the shade.

It would be mighty swell if they would let the people, tourists and locals alike smoke their grade and enjoy the island as the non-smokers/tokers do, together in harmony.

Due to the extremely ignorant, religious and conservative nature of our old blood, it does not seem likely for this herb haven to become a reality just yet. I think the younger blood however has become less ignorant on these matters and they’re coming along as more information on the subject has become more readily available.

Hence why, when the local law enforcement claims to be surprised by the increase in demand for the cannabis. This I would attribute this to the relaxed media portrayal and lifestyle promoted by various idols in the spot light. Rihanna for example comes to mind. I’ve mentioned her penchant for very openly promoting ganja.

Jamaica has Bob Marley and Barbados has Rihanna. I’m not comparing the two. Just saying that they are hugely popular worldwide, they both hail from the Caribbean and they both love(d) weed. I’ll just go out there and say that as far as music goes, they are chalk and cheese. One’s a real sporty singer and entertainer, the other is a legendary musician and performer.

That said, I still have a lot of time for Ri Ri and some of her music. I identify with her fondness for Mary Jane, I’m very happy that she isn’t quiet about it and would love to see her take it a step further in her music. She’s just short of singing an ode to the majestic plant itself. When that happens, it is then she will receive all of my H.G. points.

She’s an H.G.

When I began this blog, one of the reasons was to contribute to the fight against the cankerous prohibition and the ignorance that was born of it. My dissertation basically kicked it all off, the information I post is to give evidence to the harsh injustice that When I wrote my dissertation, I named it Discovery Green. At the time it felt as if big things in the cannabis world were coming, just beyond the horizon. It would appear as though a domino affect is occurring.

Discovery Green was referencing the prospectors in the American (Mid-West, is it?) during the gold rush. Interestingly the Green Rush officially commences in Colorado, a popular place for gold mining to this day.

With that said, I think it’s time the islands of the West Indies – Dutch, English, French or Spanish West Indian islands –  seriously give this prospect a chance. We have to make a push, because this pointless war is doing more harm than good for our economy. If the governments’ job is to serve the people, if they are at all interested in working for the people, they would do the right thing and take a weed leaf out of the Uruguayan government’s herb plant. 

Strike while the joint is hot.

Imagine there’s no prohibition.

Until then…

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing


It’s come to my attention that there may occasionally be some ads at the bottom of the page. Honestly I’ve now noticed this month, not sure if this was always going on. I don’t make any money from them but they do however allow me to keep blogging for free, so I’m not slagging them off or anything.

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