I Don’t Usually Sign Petitions…

…but when I do its for the legalisation of cannabis in the West Indies.


That petition above needs a hell of a lot of signatures, I put mi self down and everything already so please go ahead and do the same. We can do this together!

Why sign this?

I have no answer for this because I can’t imagine anyone asking in actual seriousness.

If you’re genuinely uncertain as to why you would sign, ask yourself these questions first:

1.) Do I smoke marijuana?

If answer is yes, continue on to question 2.

If answer is no, see question 1.2.

1.2) Do I care about anyone who does?

If you answered yes then check question 3.

2.) Do you like going to jail despite obeying all other laws except those pertaining to a harmless joint?

If you got yes for question 2. you’re definitely a strange fuck and this petition would only get in your way.

If you answered no, then you should probably sign the petition.

3.) You care about someone, family, friend, significant other etc. Would you like to see them get locked away for an unnecessary amount of time because he or she was caught with a small and personal amount of marijuana?

If your answer is yes, I’m confused and your definition of ‘care’ clearly differs significantly from mine…and probably the dictionary..

If your answer is no, then I’d suggest you sign that petition.

Mr. Skifo Wants You!  Free Up The Herbs

Mr. Skifo Wants You!
Free Up The Herbs

4.) Do you like to see your tax paying dollar wasted on senseless drug interdiction? As opposed to it going towards more important areas of law enforcement?

If yes, you probably answered yes to the previous question but don’t let that stop you from signing that petition.

If no, I don’t know why you’re still here. Sign the sodding thing and get on with it.

5.) Do you like wasting or see the court’s time being wasted?

If you answered, yes… you’re one sporty person.

If you answered no…look, another reason to sign the petition. 

Do it..

Do it now!!!

Let’s see our chances of facing, possession charges for Mary Jane cut significantly by, let’s say…100%?!

Well, for those of you who were unsure of why you should help the cause.. I hope I managed to explain with my little FAQ.

If you’re still uncertain, go ahead, educate yourself.  In fact, let me educate you myself…. well with the aid of Gallup.com,


Fun Fact!

According to recent polls, 58% of Americans are in support of complete cannabis legalisation. Blimey!

Galluping up the hill!

I believe once America legalises it, everyone eventually will and the U.N. can repeal that stupid anti-drug document they signed years ago, which ironically the U.S. got them to sign in the first place.

Don’t fight it, legalise it.

My fellow West Indians, I implore you to sign this petition!

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing!

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