TYT Presents My Case

TYT Presents My Case

To follow up on what I’ve been going on about, in my last few posts in terms of the positives of cannabis legalisation.

This pretty much summarises the reasons most countries, especially those in of the Caribbean and Latin America, haven’t made legit attempts to legalise cannabis. There’s a rational fear that they would be snubbed by the U.S. and foreign aid. Developing countries are very dependant on the super powers that are.

That is until now…

Uruguay is setting the precedent!

Legal, government grown, ganja! I spoke of the Uruguayan government’s plan to cultivate, harvest and sell high grade marijuana at modest sum of $1.oo per gram.

Yeah, apparently they aren’t about selling schwag to their people either. This is in a sensible attempt to muscle out the black market.

Soo genius, why has no one ever thought of that before? Wake up, Caribbean!

As always, I gotta shout out thanks to the TYT! Especially now as they are going through a major transitional period with their studio etc.

I got a whole lot of love for The Young Turks’ Youtube channel. I really just can’t get my head wrapped around the warped opinions of most 24 hour news networks and their quite often questionable “Journalism.”
I highly recommend the TYT network as a credible source for relevant information, daily.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing

And Stay Amazing!

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