“Sun Made” (Nouveau Revision)

I woke up at ten minutes to five this morning and then this happened..

Sun Made - Maid

Original ‘Sun Made’ Concept. Featured in Degree Show piece, ‘Sensimilia Persecution.

 Revisiting an older concept from my art college days, ‘Sun Made, Grade.’

Some of you might be familiar with this illustration that I’d begun transcribing from the well known snack brand, ‘Sun Made Raisins,’ several years ago.

Naturally replacing the raisins in the illustration, with a tray of collie buds.


Nouveau - Sun Made

Revisiting an older concept from art college, ‘Sun Made, Grade.’

I find revisiting work feels a lot like visiting previous memories that were once forgotten. In the process of learning a few Photoshop techniques for the Art Nouveau theme that I’ve been working on, of late.  

Nouveau - Sun Made II

Decisions, decisions – To dread or not to dread.

For the time being, I’m currently trying to work out what shapes or patterns, I’d most like to adorn the top of the advertisement. Then of course the text and it’s respective placement is another thing to be considered. I’m striking while the proverbial iron is hot, feeling really motivated and inspired at the moment.

With the final day of November upon us and Independence Day in the country I hail from, we await to see what December brings.

For the next few weeks I’ll be dedicating a serious amount of time training, with the aid of video and picture tutorials to increase my skill level as well as skill sets.

Hopefully I’ll have a good few more posts and illustrations before the year’s end. I’m also expecting to update the gallery page before January ’14 as well. One day at a time though, so..

..Until next time folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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