Happy New Year

Hi guys and gals – Happy New Year!
 It’s six days into the year 2014 and I am now writing this message, apologies.
Rough Work

Rough Work

I wrote several drafts through out December but I was holding them back until I was satisfied with them, which I’m not entirely at the moment.

What I’ll do is just finish them off over the next week or two and release ’em incrementally, or something.

I’ve been rather busy as I projected roughly a month ago. I’m in a race against time to finish illustrating a chapter book for children. That in itself is taking longer than I anticipated but moving along and trying to finish in time.

I don’t have anything particularly new or exciting to share in terms of illustrative works in progress but I will in time.

However I do have a good bit of ranting which I should have started last month. Nevertheless I will commence today. 

In addition I’m traveling this month and next, so posts will be about as sporadic as usual if not more so. I won’t be able to work from my favorite medium for a little while but those are the brakes. You’ll be treated by my other expressions thusly. 

Hmm I might as well give a rough forecast for the first quarter of the year on this blog.

January – Rants followed by more rants. One or two illustrations here and there. As a matter of fact, yes! I gotta show you lot some stuff before I go, go, gooooo!

February – Travel to a far away land or close depending on your perspective – This means photography, travel sketches and some contextual bullshit (sounding out ideas).

March – I return to the island and resume my Nouveau illustrating as well as more Collage. Also expect a little show and tell, for something quite amazing (relative) will be here for you all to see.

Of course I won’t go into details of April partly because I haven’t thought them fully through as yet. However with April brings 4/20 and I’ll be fucked if I don’t provide an article on that day!

Oh yes, furthermore some affordable art work for those of you who’re interested.

Join me tomorrow for my first rant of the year, “Sanctimonious Assholes!”

– not the actual title but that’s the general mood of the piece.

Irie New Year Folks,
Keep Blazing and whaa?
Stay Amazing!

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