Green Tourism

The Caribbean islands should well become lean, green tourism machines. And why not? During these exciting times, I’d say discussion is rather paramount at this particular juncture.

Green Tourism2

Still messing about with Sketchbook Pro.

 Since the snowball effect has begun, there has at least been an increase of positive words spoken for the plant and reefer madness appears to be slowly beginning to fade away. In more recent times you’ve seen cable network news stations broadcasting less bias against cannabis than before. You’ll still find certain sections of the press, media and society trying to keep it all under the kosh, attacking what they still clearly don’t understand.

While recently in the Eastern Caribbean, Vincentian prime minister, Ralph Gonsalves has at least spoken about the positives of legalisation, a few months ago. So far he’s the most progressive voice in the region. We’re yet to see what he actually does in relation to his country. I’m not sure I see him actually making it a reality but I’d be happy if he proves me wrong.

In any event, I’m revisiting the notion of weed tourism in the Caribbean again as a result of events in Colorado. Also after recently watching, Strain Hunters: Jamaica.

Arjan’s closing words toward the end of their expeditious documentary is where I think he struck gold. 

“It would be nice if the government comes up with some kind of solution for these little farmers and maybe make a corporation for these little farmers, and they can sell from corporative shops in the little villages where they can create backpackers hotels like they do in Thailand and other places in Asia.

I think that they should do that in the Caribbean, in St. Vincent, should do that in Jamaica. You protect your own local farmer, you give them a share of the cooperative through a shop in a little village, so they have all of these kind of micro credits that they’re living on, and it would be very, very easy for big part of the world to organise this and get their green tourism going.”
                                                                                                                                        – Arjan Roskam of Greenhouse Seeds Co.

Now, I’m not always inclined to agree with Arjan but he makes a hell of a lot of sense right here. Why I say that I’m not always inclined to agree with him? He’d said some stuff that didn’t sit too well with me during their Swaziland adventure regarding legalisation but that’s for another post.

TYT clip regarding old, negative Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly carrying on like silly little cunts, over Colorado’s cannabis boom and the rise of legalisation. 

These jokers express various concerns about what chaos and mayhem would stem from legalisation. One such concern was the idea of people cooking while high – quite frankly I can’t see the legality of cannabis inhibiting my ability to function around an open flame or generally operate in a kitchen. 

Where I live, many still remain ignorant of the good that cannabis could provide for the country. This might be attributed to the fact that my country is allegedly “winning” the war on drugs. Which I guess is good, since I haven’t yet seen definitive evidence that would or could even qualify such a statement.

Speak For The Trees - Lorax Blog 1

The Lorax, Still Representing The Trees (Concept in the making)

We definitely wouldn’t want to get into the business of legalising the plant just on the basis that the U.S. is setting a trend – Mind you, we’re not usually opposed to fashionable trends abroad, but you know, just ones that may seem immoral in the eyes of the thousands of brainwashed legions.

Meanwhile where I’m from, we have an attorney general who says we shan’t make considerations until, studies have been done (with what funds?) and the pros and cons have been weighed. Which is most likely another way of them saying that they’re not at all going to take any form of action in the foreseeable future.

My advice to the AG and anyone, “working” with him in this department should – take their thumbs out, scrap “considering” conducting studies and spend a few days researching existing studies from foreign. When you hear that shops in Colorado are facing high demand for their legal crop, to the point they find themselves running out. One just thinks, “What the fuck are we – of the Caribbean – actually doing?!” We need to be getting our hands all up in these space pies.

The sugar industry is long dead, essentially. We have the right conditions you might say for ganja farming, let’s create jobs and revenue through a “new” cash crop for export.

Alas while I see solutions for our ailing industry, it’s not just for me to see… It’s for everyone – get involved!

I haven’t ended a post with music for a few posts now so, here’s a smooth, little jazz number. I discovered it the other day while binging on t.v. series, Community. 

It was either that or Shredder’s Suite from the original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film – and trust me, it could have easily been that.

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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