H.G. Holiday

Yes all!

Long time no post!

My lengthy hiatus draws to a close.

This trip has been really enlightening. Not like in a spiritual, finding myself kind of way. It’s more like epiphanies born of common sense. Though, that’s not to say that there was a lack of introspection as well as reflection.

Actually, the realisation I came to, was one that I was all too familiar with already.
And that…
It’s absolutely, fucking paramount that I return to the sketchbook if I’m to take myself as an artist seriously, much less for anyone else.

So here’s some scratch sketchbook illustrations I’ve been doing for the last few days.


My only supplies that I have on the go are: A pack of Staetdler markers consisiting only of Red, Blue, Green and Black. Some sort of 0.5 mm drawing pen. A slightly larger black marker as well as a white ink marker. I nearly forgot the 0.5mm mechanical pencil.


Quite frankly I never in the past, had much propensity or patience with markers, so in retrospect I’m uncertain as to what really possessed me to pick them up in the first place.


That said, I found much amusement and/or excitement when I discovered the magic of mixing these really basic colours with the white marker to create all different kinds of colours and patterns.

It’s not hugely diverse but there are differing shades going on at least. It suits my fine though. When you’re on the go, one wants to be less encumbered. Less tools make light shoulders.

I’d invest in one or two more markers, like brown and orange to mix up with the white to create other flesh tones. Perhaps a purple, to boot.


With a sketchbook at hand all the time, I can record all my ideas on the go…

You know, the purpose originally intended for the sketchbook. This very fact that was instilled from art school. Something that I used to fight fervently.

Most likely due to its academic nature and my innate resistence to anything regarding such.


I’m on an official sketchbook challenge.

In other news, my official website is on the verge of completion. All but two areas need fixing up, currently.

Keep your eyes peeled by the way, I have some pictures that I’ll be posting sporadically over time.

So it’s not long until I’ll be back in full swing soon.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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