Some more back to basics, traditional illustrations.
This time, print making with a lino block and some water based (presumably poster) paint.


Print making is nothing I’m unfamiliar with but something I had little patience for, when I was but a lad preparing for my Art CXC’s (Caribbean equivalent to the British GCSE’s) years ago.


The prints that you can make with lino can be really aesthetically pleasing to the eye, much like batik. It can also be a bitch when it comes to digging out the line work and just generally any areas that you want to represent shadow and/or form.


I’d say it requires some level of meticulous planning and a good helping of patience. Yes, patience is the magic word. It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to do but you have to abide by those two P’s.


Digging corners and small circles can be a right pain in the ass too, as such assessing the right tool for the job would not do you any harm at all.


The idea is to get those lines deep as one can because when it comes to applying the paint/ink whatever – if those grooves are shallow, you’re going to find that your prints are missing details. Due to the ink occupying shallow crevices like it’s Wallstreet.

So there you have it, a lino cut print of an octopus and two fish. Not too shabby, first I’ve done since I was about 16… so wow, yeah, that was many moons ago.

There’s another skill I’ve become reaquainted with. I’ll need to practice and get back on it, proper like. I talk about levels of concentration and patience to do this but I haven’t even gone on to multicoloured prints yet.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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