Black, Black Octopus In My Garden

I wanted for some time, to illustrate an octopus in his garden. That was since a friend of mine showed me that Beetles’ tune, either at last year’s end or early January. 
Octopus' Garden

Octopus’ Garden

This piece of work was initially inspired by the Beetles’ song title, “Octopus’s Garden”- as opposed to the actual lyrics themselves. 

Hence why I chose not to post the Beetles’ tune itself. Instead opting for this old, curious wonder. A classic from one of my fave Jamaican, dancehall singers from the 80’s, Barrington Levy.

Truth be told I don’t actually know the history behind this particular number nor can I ascertain as to what “black roses” symbolise, if anything at all. If taken literally, the song makes enough sense. In that he’s just stating good practice in, caring for the plants that one has a particular affection or fondness for.

Unsurprisingly, I’d like to think that when he says ‘black roses,’ that forsooth he’s actually referring to ganja plants.   

I’d be hard pressed to actually explain the thought process for this one. I could go ahead and tell you that this piece represents the most recent #nomakeupselfie fad. Which for the record I’m neither for nor against this “happening trend.”

It doesn’t (represent) but I just wanted a dig – we’ll revisit that later on in the week.

I can give some fairly basic advice for viewing this work, one must – Listen to the tune, stare at the illustration and find the clues – look between the lines. 

“To keep and care it, you got to water it
Got to keep the earth so cool
‘Cause something special in my garden”

– Barrington Levy 

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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