Almost Famous – H.G. In Print

Hi guys and gals,
I’m really crawling out from under this rock that you might call a hiatus guys, please bear with me.
Well now, what better way to awaken from one’s winter slumber than with a bit of –
Look Ma, I'm in print!

Look Ma, I’m in print!

– Good News, Everyone!

I, H.G. Fields am the featured artist in 2014’s, first quarter issue of M|People Magazine.

Not much else for me to say about that really. I’m glad for the exposure and appreciate being almost famous. Get your hands on an issue when you can. For those of you who can’t but would like to have a read, fear not. I’ll work on bringing the article to you lot, soon as I can.

The work featured in the magazine you might be familiar with, if you’ve browsed this blog before but the write up will give you some additional insight to my creative process et al.

On a totally unrelated note; I must say that I’m finding it easier to make that transition from Photoshop to Sketchbook Pro now, since I’ve returned to the traditional medium/tool itself. Perhaps having been so far removed from my favourite modus operandi.

I’m slowly warming up to this alien method.

I miss a lot of the editing options in Photoshop but I’m attempting to employ the image editing software, GIMP – wouldn’t be my choice name for such an application (if any at all) quite frankly, but whatev’s – which, to an extent is supplementing my colour management options, amongst others.

Apparently as far as free image editing software goes, it get’s a lot of forward. Furthermore as a legit free application, I’ve given it a run and it works well decent (a little backward at times) as a temporary solution.

Hopefully I’ll get the old PS up and running again soon, preferably in time to finish the illustrations for the annual 4/20 post.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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