Surely you saw this coming. As you all may be aware by now, there’s been a recent no makeup, selfie, social-media craze. Let me start here by saying, I feel the same way about this fad as I do with The Big Bang Theory (the low brow television sitcom as opposed to the actual theory, I’m all for that). Id est I’m sceptical and I don’t really care for the concept at all but it’s managing its success well. The majority is apparently in favour and whatever I think doesn’t matter, so.

#NoMakeUpSelfie – No not really, just a continuation of my “faux lino cut, printmaking motif,” digital art study.

 It’s great that we’ve successfully found yet another way in which to endorse, encourage and otherwise promote vanity with aid of the good, old/new fashioned selfie.

This time it’s for a good cause though, at least – cancer research – one that’s not in the least bit new or unheard of. Interesting angle and interesting way to appeal to the pockets of a specific demographic, I find.

Not to be completely disparaging of course, alternatively one could argue that it encourages the ladies to be comfortable in their own skin – I for one, am a fan of this notion, I also genuinely like the idea of saying, “fuck off!” to makeup altogether really. I suppose it has its place but hell it’s smoke and mirrors at the end of the day. Maybe I’ll rant another time about those particulars.  

In the interim, I’ve decided to illustrate another selfie of…er… ugh…myself.

What’s the cause, you ask?

I call it,

#PoorlyIllustratedSelfiePortrait – to bring awareness to the spurious war on drugs; to call to an end, world drug (mainly cannabis) prohibition. 

There are some simple steps to follow if you want in on the action as well.

Oh and no, you needn’t worry about sending money to me or any (of my) organisations either.

Instead, you can just do the following, I implore you:

Send me a joint or two, post up a self portrait you’ve poorly illustrated and then nominate your friend(s) (if you have) to do the same and your bit is done. You’ve done something very noble in expressing solidarity for this righteous movement. Also you get to fight cancer indirectly by making herb legal. Look at you, killing two birds with one stone(d).


'Zeus' by Thomas Shahan - Essentially the printmaking style that I'm attempting to emulate.

Zeus‘ by Thomas Shahan; Essentially the printmaking style that I’m attempting to emulate but digitally.

I could see how this post probably sounds sarcy as fuck and that I must be taking the piss – truth be told, I don’t have a deep and serious gripe with this fad. As I mentioned before it’s all in the fight against cancer, this trend has raised loads of dosh which as I understand will be used to fight the good fight. 

I don’t know if all 8 million pounds (?) will go to cancer research. I mean that’s a lot of money. I hope that we hear that this disease has been finally defeated, especially after that huge cash injection.

Fear not though,  I’ve never heard of any such organisation mucking about with anyone’s money, ever – celebrities are also getting in on the act as well, so I’m almost certain it’s legit.

Also in fairness to this particular cancer research organisation, they themselves claim that they’d no involvement with this marketing ploy; At the end of the day, as is, it’s just a fad. And fads (Kony 2012) really come and go quicker and quicker these days.   

Don’t be concerned if you didn’t understand this particular rant or if my point didn’t get across to you – Because just like The Big Bang Theory: despite questionable writing and script, it’s “just funny” because apparently, “it just is” and maybe “you just don’t get it.”

And at the end of the day, all it means is that: you’re a clueless, humourless, little malicious malcontent like me, like everyone.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!





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