Birth of Venus – In Context To The Windies.

Just started on the background of my next transcribed Renaissance painting, “Birth of Venus.” 

A Beach From My Youth

An East Coast beach in Barbados from Easter Holidays in my youth.

I also forgot to mention that in the absence of Photoshop, I’ve been using Sketchbook Pro – which some of you will know already. What you didn’t know until now is that I jumped ship again and returned to Corel Painter. I haven’t used Painter since version X and never even used it as much as PS. Now that my options have become temporarily limited, I can now turn my attention to learning Painter…again. It was harder before when I had an alternative to run back to as soon as I would become frustrated, preferring my all too trusted Photoshop interface over Painter’s.

That being said, I waaay prefer using Corel Painter over Sketchook Pro. Not to detract from Autodesk’s digital painting program but I find it feels a little bit too light, where as painter seems to have considerably more options. Truth still, I am just far too set in my ways, for that it’s maybe just as well that I get a handle of the various digital painting programs across the board. 

Plenty more to do with that, you’ll  see bit more later on next month.

Here’s our reference –

Botticelli’s, ‘Birth of Venus’

The near finished product should be up at the end of the month. 

Irie folks,
Keep Blazing
Stay Amazing!

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