Turns Out We Were Wrong All Along.

My, well isn’t this embarrassing. As it would happen Mr. Harry J. Anslinger had fallen victim of the race card for all of these years. Thanks now to (k)Lutz, we now know the truth. It was just a bunch of lies cooked up by pro-ganja zealots all along…. of course.

Thankfully, Narc agent Charles Lutz wrote in the Pittsburg Gazzette, that “it’s unlikely Anslinger was a racial bigot.” You start to get the feeling that you’re about to stumble down the proverbial rabbit hole.

I trust Cyril Wecht is a better forensic pathologist than he is a historian. In his March 1 Forum article, “The Mythology of Marijuana,” Dr. Wecht made a long-ago federal commissioner of narcotics, Harry J. Anslinger, his scapegoat for what he believes are unjust marijuana laws. He asserts that Anslinger ignored heroin in favor of pursuing marijuana largely because of racial bigotry. And he claims Anslinger undertook a propaganda campaign that included the movie “Reefer Madness” to influence passage of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. He’s wrong on all counts.”

Right… because those laws are actually just. Anyway, it gets better.

It is also unlikely Anslinger was a racial bigot. He hired narcotics agents of all races, ethnicity and religions, including Italian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Arab-Americans, Jewish-Americans and Native-Americans. He hired the first African-American agents in 1951, long before the Federal Bureau of Investigation saw fit to do so, and a Chinese-American agent who is believed to be the first employed by any law enforcement agency in America.”

Interesting… sounds similar to the old adage, “I’m not racist, all of my  friends are of degenerate race- er..eh.. I mean to say different, different races!” 

None of the racially biased statements Dr. Wecht attributes to Anslinger are known to have been uttered by him. Unfortunately, those and similar remarks have been scattered across the Internet by marijuana-legalization zealots anxious to vilify him and thereby undermine his credibility.”

I see… I need some help reacting to that one. So.. what, Anslinger never said anything about reefer, making “darkies” think they’re as good as white men? 

Dr. Wecht would have us believe that the lives of marijuana smokers are being wasted away in jail. In fact, possession of marijuana for personal use is not a federal crime and never has been. There are many marijuana cultivators, smugglers, traffickers and dealers in federal prison but no mere users. And in Pennsylvania, while possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500, jail time is virtually never applied. Most often these defendants are fined and diverted to an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program.”

– Charles H. Lutz

Wow, I suppose those smokers who’ve been locked away for an unnecessary period of time, haven’t actually been locked away at all. The jail cell is like in their mind and like the prison is like their mind and it’s like some sort of metaphor thingy that they’re like living and like experiencing. I don’t at all feel dumb after reading this, never mind how I wrote that last bit. Mind you Bill O’Reilly spewed similar drivel about a month or two ago, obviously nothing worth watching.

Well I’m just glad that’s all been clarified now. So, I guess I’ll  just go ahead and take down my dissertation, since it does contain a lot of negative press regarding the first drug czar in the U.S of A. I would have hated to have gone on spreading disinformation, propaganda and otherwise lies about a man who was clearly a stand up kind of guy.

April fools, I guess..

Alas sadly, while Mr. Lutz’ article certainly is foolish; it isn’t an April Fools joke – published over a week ago – and his ignorance is not funny either. 

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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