Art Nouveau – Final Preview and 4/20 Update

So this year’s 4/20 header is nearing completion. And being the disgusting person that I am, I’ll give you lot the very last preview before the day comes. 18 more days, guys!


4/20 H.G. Fields Art Nouveau Header 2014

Speaking of 4/20 – look out for Day of Observance III on the day – it’s going to be H.G. Fields’ 3rd annual 4/20 post and this year promises to be waaay bigger than the previous years.

4-20 Header 2014 - Phase II 4-20 Header 2014 - Phase I

Though I’ll be hard pressed to compete with my inaugural 4/20 post.

You can look forward to a short list of:

  • A few high guy tunes to listen to
  • Films to watch and get stoned to
  • Art Nouveau Illustrations to view

  • And you can even learn a really entertaining and relatively challenging smoking game
    (almost a combination of retro classic board games, 
    Don’t Break the Ice and Thin Ice, albeit not nearly as lame as the latter) to play with your friends during your sesh.

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!



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