Respect due! | Barbados Today

 Barbadian sculptor explains the plight of the local artist and the challenges faced. He highlights a number of issues which I’ve also shared concern. His attitude is a good one, and as a local artist I find a lot of inspiration/motivation in his words.

” After years in the industry that contributes to the island’s social and economic landscape, Ras Ilix believes the time has come for artists to get due respect.


And most of these people in charge of culture here ain’t really no grass-root people. Them is just people that just study and get a job and holding a position.


Otherwise, the creative arts would get pushed more seriously. Even these corporate businesses don’t buy work from the artist, them does go abroad and bring in a whole heap of [rubbish],” he said.


The sculptor indicated that while representatives from corporate businesses visited exhibitions and art shows and commended artists for their outstanding productions, they hardly invested in the sector. He suggested that the arts industry in Barbados was in fact “a clique and is about who you are and who you around”.


The real grass-root artists don’t get the support. They would tell you the work look good, but them ain’t going spend money. I don’t know if them feel you can’t handle the money. And art ain’t nothing that does just sell; art is sell to people that got the knowledge of dealing with arts.”


As for the policymakers of the creative arts industry, Ras Ilix believes that they should do more to support the cause.


The arts in Barbados don’t get that support, although there is the National Cultural Foundation. You can’t wait ’pon them; the artists got to get up and make things happen. Still all of them people does have a month’s pay and them people does get them survival.  ”

– Ras Ilix

Read the rest of the article here.


Irie folks,


Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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