Where Worlds Collide and Days Are Dark; #TBT

Hi guys, hi girls! Oh, I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking, “this guy couldn’t possibly have any idea of what I’m thinking.” Well that is correct, you are 100% correct!

Instead here’s what you should be thinking, “Oh my! I haven’t seen a throwback on a Tuesday around here in aaages…” 

Well you might not have asked for it, but you’re sure as hell about to get it.

Selfie Circa 2008

H.G.before H.G. Selfie Circa 2008

Yup, some may be familiar with that self-portrait circa 2008. That was my first proper attempt at painting a self-portrait ever, furthermore one of my first early attempts at full on digital painting.

The Red Madonna (2008)

The Red Madonna (2008)

I did a bit (digital painting) during my foundation year but they tended to be more digital/mixed media pieces (such as the Red Madonna) than pure, strictly come digital painting. I did that self-portrait in my first year at Central Saint Martins, if I recall it was for my first crit/assessment in the first term.

The Red Madonna was a transcription piece concept that I’d cooked up as a follow-up of my first attempt at transcription during a project labelled, ‘Hybrid.’ In this you can clearly see the mix of tradigital painting with collage. 

Meanwhile, here in the present, some more lovely confusion brought to you directly from the mind of H.G. 

Deep Water Molusk: Where You Go, I Go

Another loose concept with which I may or may not even carry further. I just liked the pose and brush work – As working with Corel Painter becomes more comprehensive, it also becomes more and more fun to use.

With this new concept piece I’ve once again employed the use of collage in a mostly tradigital, mixed media piece – only in that the divers’ helmet was taken off a photograph and grafted into the picture, hence thus digital mixed media.

The catalyst for this speed painting is in the video.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!




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