A Day of Observence III

or as we should start referring to it as, happy break the law day. Or maybe celebrating several decades of civil disobedience day. Or encouragement of moral degeneracy day. Alas no, 4/20 will be fine.

Colour me captain obvious but I don’t believe observing a day like 4/20 could be any more absurd or spurious than celebrating any otherwise capitalist cash-in days. Of which are widely recognised in the mainstream i.e. Halloween, Valentines and what’s today again?

In the grand scheme of things while it’s a day that a few subcultural groups can identify with, it doesn’t give it any less relevance.

With that I, H.G. Fields wish you all…

08 NouveauAnd how fun, I can call this 4/20 a holy day without some sort of religious backlash – given what day it coincides with.

Let me open with a joke…

Q “Have you heard the one about the cows smoking grass?”

 (see answer at the bottom of the page.)

So it seems I’ve made big promises for this post to be bigger than those of 4/20’s past.

What’s in the old dub sack of goodies this year then?

A “Yeah, steaks were high!

[Cue laughter and whistling: mixed audience]


So how about some tunes to kick things off a bit, eh?

In no particular order we have…

At #1, on the top of my list of tunes to get your 4/20 going on; whilst traversing the plains of the universe or even just the stratosphere, it’s one that I’ve been jamming on for the past week and some days.

Music to my ears, music in my ears. Listen and relax. The name of the song and the special occasion might be misleading, for this is not a reggae tune but some mellow, trippy hip-hop, trip-hop beat with the most soothing vocals I’ve heard on any singer in some time. In fact you it would probably do your ears a world of good, listening to the rest of SZA‘s new album, ‘Z

In the interest of space, I’ll list the rest.

2./ The Doors – The End

3./ Little Dragon – Feather

4./ Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Baardsden Remix)

5./  Lee Scratch Perry – Sensimilla Dub


She Sells At The Seashore

She Sells At The Seashore [Work in Progress]


Not A Cop [Work in progress]



1./  Crystal Fairy

I’m a sucker for independent films and the like.

2./ Newly Weeds

3./ The House I Live In

4./ Humboldt County

5./ Puff, Puff, Pass


Rick And Morty

Every now and then television spits out something pretty fun and amusing. Here’s one that should split your sides, whether you’re sconed or not.

Yes, I said sconed.


Getting Doug With High

That’s not a typo, that’s the name of Doug Benson’s moderately new show. Getting Doug With High makes for entertaining, niche entertainment. Doug himself acknowledges this but he has a pretty decent following, myself included.

I’ve enjoyed Benson’s comedy films Super High Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled – I watched the former several times.

His guest smoker, comedian and cannabis connoisseur Ngaio Bealum would probably make this the best show to me so far. David Cross was down to earth and funny but Bealum is the ideal, enthusiastic high guy for the show.

So much so, there was little complaint from the comment section.

I’ve been following Ngaio on twitter for maybe a year or more but I knew only so much about him since I’m not in the states for the comedy circuit.

– A Game of Thrones

Indeed a lame and rather low attempt at a popular television reference. Given these times of prohibition, perhaps Boardwalk Empire would have been a more appropriate title, given the times.

In any event here’s a game I learned of during my travels earlier this year. I learned this game as, Brew*.

Not everyone is into the cheefing games but if you’re up for a bit of lark, then give this one a try…

I’d like to say there’s some strategy to it but don’t expect an intense game of chess.

This game is reminiscent of a game I used to play with whomever as a youth. Some of you may recall one called, Don’t Break The Ice. If you are at all familiar then you may see the similarities, or that I’m one strange dude when it comes to associating anything with anything.

It might turn out that the only thing these activities have in common, are that they are both (challenging?) games.

For this game you will need:

1./ Rolling Papers (Preferably hemp or otherwise slow burning paper)

2./ Rubber Band

3. Tea/ Coffee Mug (If you have neither, you needn’t be terribly inventive)

4./ Coin (See previous)

5./ Jazz Cigarettes (2 or 4 depending on how many players or rounds you’re playing.

Being captain obvious over here, it was hard for me not to add lighter to the list.

It’d be wise to have extra rollie just to be sure.


Take your papers and fasten them together. You just need enough to cover the mouth of your mug.

Secure the now stuck and hopefully dry papers to the mug with the aid of your rubber band.

Place a coin at the centre of your paper arena.

and you’re ready to go.

How to Play: 

  • One person, let’s call, player 1 lights up the “strange smelling” cigarette, draws and holds.
  • Then carefully burns a small a hole as they can, through the paper.


  • Once a hole as been made, player 1 can exhale and pass the bone over to player 2 on the left.
  • If a hole is not made the first time, then the player has to take another draw and repeat the process until through.

Smaller the central object, the better. In this case, a rather miniature die.


*Brew – a less common name for tea. Basically the catalyst for the coin or object dropping has to make a round of tea or whatever no one else feels like making.

Have a safe n’ irie 4/20,

Keep Blazing



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