It’s Güdha, It’s Buddha, It’s Cheese!

Indeed… Rolling back the years in a non-systematic manner, as I do. The other day I dug up another relic from Stage III of art school. While I was working initially with the idea of cannabis product design and branding. I came up with this idea for an edible called, Güdha Cheese.

Guhda Cheese

The Laughing Cow Meets Buddha

One of my friends, at the time cautioned me that there was probably a very minute, bordering on non-existent demographic of people who’d be into the whole cannabis cheese idea but the way I saw it; people like cheese and people like herb, “so why can’t the two marry?” I asked. People love canna butter, so surely some must like the idea of gudha infused cheese.

Do you think that stopped me!

Well yes, yes it did – for the time anyway.

The concept didn’t get very far in the end and I opted for the, “I Cannae Believe It’s Butter,” with the joyful herb eating cow.

Some fun, short Mary Jane documentaries compliments of Vice.

As always, I highly recommend watching these – is there any other way of me recommending such? – to get a little perspective on the prohibition situation and legalisation movements of mary jane in other countries.

First on the menu is Uruguay, the proverbial lab rat. They’re setting the trend and seeing what comes, what may.

I think the above video’d be good for conservative hacks in the various governments around the Caribbean.

You see, president Mujica doesn’t even necessarily care for the plant itself nor the idea of getting high. What he sees is a vice or crutch for some but at the same time he identifies the importance from a drug trafficking point of view, how it makes sense to upset the black market dealers’ apple carts by way of regulation.

Next up on the list is the situation with Medical Cannabis in Japan. I’d understood for some years that a place like Japan to have a zero tolerance policy for reefer. Which is funny when doctors can and still to this day, administer and dispense with the raw opium if they feel it’s necessary.

I always found theirs and most of East Asian countries staunch stance against it a bit strange, given Buddha’s relationship with hemp et al.

Like many countries, cannabis’ illegal status was most likely an invention of the U.S. as an intervention of the hemp fibres industries, allowing for the nylon and polyester trade to make way.

Funnily enough it appears that no one in Japan really seems to know why Mary Jane and Hemp became completely illegal. According to a Japanese lawyer interviewed by Vice, to his knowledge there’s never really been a proper discussion regarding the necessity of it’s illegalisation.

A familiar theme in the Caribbean region, I think.

Not the same but similar.

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!


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