First It Giveth

Throwback Tuesday!

Here’s a little something from this month, last year.

H.G. Fields

The following was created to satisfy my mild amusement and keen interest in drug use, abuse and addiction.
And today we’re doing things a little bit reversed, starting with the posts tune before the imagery. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. All in good reason though.
The song is about the role drugs play in the process of making music. When asked in an interview if it is easier to make music on drugs, Josh Homme said “Well I think we have a song that about this subject called First they Giveth, then They Taketh away, and I think at first you can draw inspiration and then eventually, it negates any inspiration.”

Contact Sheet Composing of ‘First It Giveth’

I forgot to mention, this song is and has been a huge favorite of mine for many, many years. There aren’t many tunes that I’ve listened to that I would find this…

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