Cue: False Shock And Surprise

3 Months Since Legalizing Marijuana, Here’s What Colorado Looks Like – PolicyMic.

And perhaps more importantly, while it’s still somewhat early, the up-trending numbers indicate that initial sales weren’t simply the result of “new-toy” excitement wherein everyone was buying pot just because they could. Coloradans wanted marijuana before, and they still do now.

– Tom Mckay – PolicyMic – May 10, 2014


Indeed this hardly comes as a surprise (what’s more surprising is, how it’s still illegal in almost every other part of the world still) particularly in relation to that final sentence.

The idea that everyone will rush to do something because it’s legal, is one of those lovely slippery slope arguments that ignorant people like to make.

Similar to the whole, “making weed legal will only make people think it’s okay to do drugs and it’ll open the floodgates for coke, crack and heroine to take over.

Sean Hannity, one of the jokers over at the Fox “News” Channel was professing to a panel of average Joe’s about the perceived dangers of cannabis becoming legal. Basically going on the aforementioned slippery slope into the abyss. 

Stoney Clause 02

Santa Loves When A Plan Comes Together

Some of the panel was about as nutty as Mr. Hannity himself which in of itself is a rather tough act to follow. I was going to post a video of such but I can’t stand the idea of him being on this page.

If you’re interested though, you should check TYT’s take on it, quite amusing as always.

But did you know?

People were “doing” weed before it was legal in Colorado and we can be certain that they’re “doing” it now. As is demonstrated in just about every other place where cannabis remains illegal.

While the risk of getting caught with said herbs is higher in some countries than others, it doesn’t deter those who really want to enjoy it from procuring it.

As far as taxes are concerned –

Retail marijuana sales taxes brought in $1.4 million in January, $1.43 million in February and now $1.898 million in March — a clear upward trajectory. And total marijuana tax transfers and distributions went from $2.927 million in January to $4.077 million in March.

– Tom Mckay – PolicyMic – May 10, 2014

So what we’re faced with here is a system where you don’t wind up messing with people’s lives i.e. sending them to jail for possession of a moderate amount/growing a few plants etc. AND you, the government, actually make a fair bit of money…legally?!

Well colour me crazy, but I think it’d be a good model for any other state, country/nation to follow.

At the same time their various systems are not completely faultless and they (Colorado) are ironically putting a chunk of that tax revenue for the drug law enforcement; according to the article they’re asking, 10-15% of the proceeds for DUI enforcement and fighting diversion to other states and unlicensed sales.

Still. all things considered it’s still a fair deal. You can’t buy more than an ounce in one sitting but as you can grow your own I don’t see it as a huge obstacle or detractor.

Under the law, growing your own marijuana requires keeping your plants in an “enclosed,” locked space that is not open or public. That’s pretty broadly-written, but a safe interpretation would mean a basement room or closet that can be locked.

No more than three of your plants can be in the flowering stage at one time. And it remains illegal to sell marijuana you grow.

Claire Martin – The Denver Post – – Dec 26, 2013

I know, restrictions and stipulations of any kind for such a thing are bogus but take it in it’s stride. Who knows, maybe positive changes could be made as time goes by. In the mean time, just count your stars.

Others are waiting for the day.

Stoney Clause

No one cares that Santa’s high.

Christmas in May?


 get out of here… you high guy…

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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