A Mind Palace in Ruins

‘The Mind Palace slowly eroded by the seas of time.’ Yet another piece of loose concept work – I should start a “Loose Concept Tuesday.” This time displaying a more step by step approach to my sunset, speed painting.

Here take a look, it’s a good luck charm from the East.

01 Ego BrainCan you feel the love and affection oozing from it?!

It’s such an amazing message of cognisance and solidarity.

02 Ego BrainThink about it comrades.

How are everyday lives are controlled by uncertainty and fear..

03 Ego BrainOur spent yesterdays, and uncertain tomorrow.

How we live a meaningless today..

04 Ego Brain

The offer of sanguine temperament..

05 Ego Brain

Come, my comrades.

Let us blaze together


bring peace of mind, to our hearts!

 Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!


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