I used to smoke.. I still do, but I used to as well.. Heh.

I had loads of ideas one evening and decided to leave off writing them down until the following evening; with that, all my great ideas have found themselves in my mind’s recycling bin. I really need to restore them.

So here we are getting towards the end of May – already?!

It’s actually quite amazing to me how much has and hasn’t happened in the past year.

I tried a hand at painting murals, which went well better than expected.  I took part in a 6 week animation workshop with a top animator, former employee of Walt Disney studios.

I even gave logo design a chance – my mind is definitely not wired the same way as my graphic designer counterparts. I knew that already though.

Unfortunately, I tend to create designs or illustrations that are perhaps too complex and as a result, the designs don’t translate well when it comes to simplifying said design.

On top of that I’m still planing for an exhibition at an art fair in the nearer future but I have a bit of time before that information is out in the open. Oh, and don’t worry folks, near future = before the year’s end.

One step in the grave, a foolish step to take.

Of Course Mi Blodclat Para

Carrying on smartly then.

Still on the topic of Mari though – I have given it some thought, this is for those who’ve never had any intimate, interaction at all with Mary Jane.
Sure she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or brand of cigarette but she’s a pleasure to me and to those who know her well.

The best way I have found to describe the cannabis experience is this:

Think on times you have listened to either a new tune or a tune you like a lot. Now I’m sure you know/remember what it’s like to hear it on shitey laptop speakers or headphones that are on their last leg. It’s still a good tune you think, but it could be a lot better with the right audio device.

So you plug that Skull Candy or Bose (They’re not actually paying me for this) into your ears and *KZZZZT* your mind is blown!

All of a sudden you’re noticing little nuances that you’d never have picked up on, had you resumed listening to the same tunes on that basic level as before.

Well I’d relate that feeling to the collie – Life, depending on who you are and how you regularly perceive it to be; is decent, brilliant or just is. Whatever your view is, it could always be just that bit better or if not better, at the very least…more interesting or fun.

In that, it doesn’t immediately nor automatically change/better your standard of life but it can and more than likely will add another perspective to it.

So you ingest a few times and WHAM! – you begin to notice little nuances in the sights and sounds that you may have not noticed or otherwise just plain overlooked in the past.

Here’s a song that has nothing but everything to do with the flavour of the day/week/month/year etc.

Irie, folks

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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