Not to be confused with Asphyxiation. I continue to study the selfie culture and explore the idea of selfie ” bingeing” or general excess. Addressing it as an addiction and as such a mental health issue is certainly a new and I dare say interesting way to look at what may have become for many. I refer to mythology to illustrate my thoughts on what I’ve come to find or figure.

Preview: Soul Trap Sally; Narcissus
From the version of the story I’ve read most recent, was that Narcissus was tricked by Nemesis. Narcissus finds his reflection in a pond/pool, becomes infatuated with his reflection. Upon realisation that this love would be purely unrequited, took his life/died of heartbreak. 

Carravagio’s Narcissus. [Wikipedia]

However that being said, I got the idea for this piece from my mixed memories of how the tale could have gone – How the original story played out in my mind is, Narcissus coming by his/her reflection in the woods and being so captivated by it that, when he/she tries to get close enough to kiss it, he/she falls in and drowns. 

The original story should, in of itself be enough to suggest that poor mental health may be at play here. Actually, it probably does in both scenarios, to be fair. I’ve read variations of Narcissus’ vain misadventures which more often than not(only), ended in tragedy for him.

In my modern take on the myth, Narcissus now replaced by your regular 20-something year old female – partial to her looks – takes countless selfies. That is until her soul is finally trapped by her camera phone. Like the original story, events don’t pan out too well in the subject’s favour.

I’d always been amused by the old superstitious feeling some various groups had in history; the idea that cameras were some form of soul catcher. While I can’t share any direct sources from which that old wives’ tale could have been referenced. Though I can say with all certainty that I definitely did not make up this superstition.

I’m almost wishing that I was behind it all.

Google search, “cameras stealing souls” and you’ll find all kinds of crazy, fun and entertaining notions people entertained back in the day regarding portrait photography.

I also had this idea of Medusa in a modern-day context. In the original story she is vanquished by her own reflection – I imagine that our far from sultry, Gorgoneion would fall victim to the selfie trend today.

Turned to Stone; Self Petrification

Turned to Stone; Self Petrification

I’m intrigued so much by this trend that I’ve come to the decision that I’d like to build up a collection of works based on the selfie culture. If that hasn’t of course become apparent yet.

Truth be told I can’t say that I’ve seen many cases where people’s selfie taking habits could be labelled as a legit addiction.

Narcissus Preview 02 At least not to the point where it could really become a problem wherein, one would find great difficulty functioning throughout the day unless they got a fix of themselves – I’d honestly like to bare witness to such.

As is, I know a few people who take a fair amount (in my mind, excessive) of selfies and post them to several social media outlets (some more than others) but none to the point where I’d call him or her an addict, no.

A narcissistic fiend,  fixated /obsessed with one’s visage – yes, most certainly.

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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