Remember, remember the 8th of Junevember. A little plot and a bit of trees too. For me it’s an occasion, indeed special. This time around, I have a well decent post for you lot who’ve been following for some time. A pleasant way for me to cap off  an almost surprising three years of blogging – Ladies and gentlemen, this post is for you.

As the title suggests it’s H.G. New Year – Sadly not a widely recognised day…yet!

I’m so focused right now though, that it doesn’t even matter, more than ever have been before. I had big visions for this year and it seems as though they may be on the cusp of reality.

To quote Robert Nesta Marley, “How can you ever give your more, to receive your less?”

A line that’s rang truer and truer to me with each passing day. I liked how it sounded in Marley’s tune, ‘Misty Morning’ but it never held the same weight as it does me now.

Bob’s incomprehension at such a concept – where one gives their all for nought -makes all the more sense to me now.

This year I’ve seen an influx of traffic over the last few months. This is due to several factors, one being particularly embarrassing.

I forgot to set the posts tag appropriately. Basically my friend who set up the WordPress blog for me initially, just assigned the ‘rants’ and nothing else. So for the better half of two and three-quarter years, my traffic was severely hindered from day one.

It sounds bad but to be honest, I think in some ways it worked out quite well.

The more work I put in, the more I see there is still to do. Much like, the more I learn the less I know.

Speaking of the traffic, followers and likes increase etc.

I haven’t personally thanked many of you for following my blog or liking and sharing my work/posts..

so I’d just like to say…

HG Year III Thank You!

I’m a particular fan of those who continue to click that like button, it’s rather encouraging. And those on the various social media platforms, sharing my posts wherever you may be.

You lot are truly lovely people!

What is my work if there’s no one to see it?

More to the point, you lot are essentially the reason I do what I do.

You lot are integral to my advancement. 

Many Thanks!

To my personal support and unofficial team, you (should) know who you are.

Special Thanks!

Your patience shall now finally be rewarded. We’re six months into this year and what I have to show for it?

I present to you…

Completed works 2014

10 Narcissus

‘Soul Trap Sally,Selfie’

Our Fountain Was Cooler Anyways
‘Fuck Your Segregation; Our Fountain Was Cooler Anyway’

 ‘Weed Be Good Together’

‘Rebirth of Venus’

‘Warm Winds’

‘For Sure, She Sells On The Sea Shore’

Isle of The Damned 05‘Isle of the Damned’

‘Lunar Cry’


And finally…

Good news, everyone!

CondignArt - May 2014 - Preview Art Fair Rotterdam

CondignArt – Issue #6 – May 2014 – Preview Art Fair Rotterdam

Art Fair Rotterdam.

That’s right!

At risk of sounding as if I believe that I’ve finally made it (far from, trust), feels as though the odds may finally be stacked in my favour – for now anyway.


I still have many rivers to cross…

Have A Happy H.G. Day Folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

6 thoughts on “H.G. Year III

  1. The “Warm Winds” is definitely my favorite. I just love how the colors clash and it’s very beautiful. Keep on creating great work! I look forward to seeing more!

  2. There’s something about ‘Soul Trap Sally, Selfie’ that I really like…I’m looking at it as if we are behind the glass with her trapped soul….am I right?

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