I wrote this post at the beginning of July, but due to many distractions I never finished it. I don’t plan to either, so there. The time is long gone and I lost the feelings I had for the following event after developing new feelings for other events since then.

It’s as if an elephant is dragging this slow ganja legalisation train out of a long, dark tunnel. Slow and sure will win the race they say – I say I’d still like gage to win the race world wide, definitely where I currently live, before I die.

So, I took part in a little festival in town, City Fest which was for the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes, which serves as the precursor to our summer festival season, Crop Over.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with said summer festival, here’s a brief history as found on the Crop Over website.

The Crop Over summer festival is Barbados’ most popular and colourful festival. Its origins can be traced back to the 1780’s, a time when Barbados was the world’s largest producer of sugar.
At the end of the sugar season, there was always a huge celebration to mark the culmination of another successful sugar cane harvest – the Crop Over celebration.
As the sugar industry in Barbados declined, so too did the Crop Over festival and in the 1940’s the festival was terminated completely. However, the festival was revived in 1974 and other elements of Barbadian culture were infused to create the extravaganza that exists today ….. an event that attracts thousands of people from across the globe.

– http://www.barbados.org/cropover.htm#.U7H8-_ldXLg

There are an array of reasons why I could think that City Fest was rather shitey. One could blame the NCF’s [Natural Cultural Foundation] lack of funding, or one could suggest it’s the conservative nature of our country. These factors while quite plausible/probable, I might just boil it down to the fact that there’s not a drop of creative thought in said establishment.

Work Station

Work Station

My involvement was not a tremendous waste of time as I’d thought, initially. I’d dare say it was disappointing, however I had rather low expectations (bordering on none) to begin with so I can’t really say I was surprised at the same time.

Ganja Train Alt


I’m actually quite pleased that I was asked to demonstrate my work process at a stall in  So that is to say, the art stall that I worked at was devoid of patrons and a general lack of interest.

Ganja Train 1

 Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!



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