My Red and my Cherry

Went a little texture crazy with this one..

“My a-alike, someone to talk me off the bridge any day or night
She teach me how to live, she ain’t afraid of life”



Cherry Wine Prog

Cherry Wine

Not sure about this one just as yet… might start over from the line work and then take it from there.I’d say that I’m otherwise pleased with how this one is progressing. Hopefully that won’t change as I get further along, or at least not dramatically.

These should be finished in roughly a week’s time or thereabouts. I’ll be revealing the finished product on September 14th to coincide with the unveiling of a bronze Amy Winehouse statue at Camden Stables, London.

Not sure I’ll make it to the unveiling myself but I’ll def be knocking about shortly after to cop me a look and get a photo or two.

So there’s some stuff to look forward to, guys.

“She like the herb’s natural medicine, she cooking good
She tell me everything is cool when it ain’t looking good”

  Nas – Cherry Wine feat. Amy Winehouse 

Apparently after Amy’s death, her former manager revealed to Nas that her demo vocals for “Cherry Wine” were actually written about him.

Have a good weekend, folks!

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

4 thoughts on “My Red and my Cherry

    • Cheers! Thanks for the interesting read as well.

      At first I was rather elated but now I’m mostly indifferent, I think in regards to the statue. As I’ve mentioned in this post, I’ll most likely go have a look and maybe take a picture or two. Possibly even a “selfie?”

      I’ve read that usually the deceased artists aren’t usually honoured with such until at least twenty years.

      So if nothing else, maybe the statue comes way sooner than one would/should expect but I definitely see no wrong in it being put up altogether.

      Whenever I visit Camden, Amy comes to mind – so in that respect, I think it’s somewhat appropriate.

      I mean, detractors will view the statue most likely as they did when Amy was alive – with some distaste for her lifestyle and drug abuse et al.

      Just as I imagine her fans will view the statue with the same regard as they did prior to her end, remembering her for the great work she’s done – At least I’m pretty sure I will anyway.

  1. Aww Amy. She was my theme artist for my first great heartbreak. I hated her for a while because of it but she is responsible for some cherished emotions. Now it’s nostalgia, reminding me that nothing is permanent and every moment is priceless. I like your work on her, they match my emotions toward her.

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