Studio Visit – I


Doorway to Narnia

My computer’s been down nearly a week, as such this week’s scheduled posts are incomplete and will have to be pushed until next week.

Unfortunately it takes a while sometimes to get the right parts for the job, on a small island – that being said, hopefully la machina will be up and running again by tomorrow or beginning of next week and we can resume service as normal.

In the interim, I’m going to kick off a series of posts, under the same name as the title.

Studio Visits will actually be a documentation of the evolutionary process in which my studio (in its early developmental stages) is and will be going through over the next couple of months.


Alas it’s been three years since art school but the H.G. Fields Studio Devlopmental Project has now finally kicked off.


My Cabinet Minister

This space is like a canvas waiting for something to painted on, or a piece of clay prior to sculpting.

I want to mould an environment that will ooze creative secretions all over the place  – mind my language.

A place where others can step in and feel a vibe and perhaps leave with some inspiration or motivation to also go out there or get back to their space and also create some amazing work.

In the end, an artist’s studio is a room of infinite possibilities.

So, yes I’m quite excited for the next phases in the space’ development.

Thrilled about reaching the destination but in a way I’m more amped up for this marvellous journey ahead.

Irie as always, folks.

Stay Amazing!

Keep Blazing And Stay Amazing!

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