The Next Dimension

It’s the 20th of November, so that means it must be 4/20 in some other dimension or quasi parallel universe.

Shrooms I

Or in a different timeline that’s several months behind.

If you’re familiar with the television series, ‘True Detective’ then you’d know that today’s work is heavily inspired by the title of said show.

The following are images I found of particular interest, followed by some concepts I’m working on at the moment.

True Detective artofthetitle

True Detective

You can read up further on the artists’ thought processes here. Lots of images and info like the image above.

Use of double exposure is hardly a new and/or crazy concept. However it does open up a realm of possibilities. An alternative approach to Surrealism, for sure.


In this instance, I like the ethereal effects caused by the use of the double exposure. I can use them to pile up multiple images, creating these visual narratives which all fit within one frame.

These narratives which come like an expression of various thoughts and ideas of psychonautical exploration or escapist, dreamlike sequences.Selfish; Selfless

Selfish; Selfless – Drink 7Up

This is merely the beginning of a presumably long-ass journey.

That is unless it doesn’t actually take me that long to create sharp, bang-on masterpieces of work that could compete with True Detective’s title photos (I wanted to call them title cards).

When’s the last time I closed with a tune? “Too long,” I’m sure is the answer.

Irie folks,

Keep Blazing 


Stay Amazing!

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