Passing Through: Mike Nelson’s “Coral Reef” and Mark Wallinger’s “Threshold to the Kingdom”

This may well be the best piece of art I’ve ever experienced in any medium. Ever. I’d love to see this installation again after having done so, in November 2011. I was well disappointed earlier this year when I returned to the Tate Britain to experience it all over again, only to find that exhibit no longer exists.

Quite interesting how such a vast and intricate installation could be there for so long and then just like that, wuff. Mind you it probably wasn’t all just like, “wuff” to all those who were personally involved.

In any event, I wish anyone who reads this that they would one day have the opportunity to live the other worldly experience that is, the “Coral Reef.”


by Ann Jones

It’s often easy to get lost in one’s own thoughts looking at a piece of art; paintings and photographs can suggest stories or remind us of familiar narratives but it’s up to us to fill in the gaps and, while we might be lost in the moment, we’re inevitably on the outside looking in. In the cinema the story is easier to follow; more often than not the narrative is linear and there is dialogue drawing our attention to the things we shouldn’t miss. Films are populated by a cast of characters with whom we form some kind of connection, however short-lived. But no matter how much we suspend disbelief and get caught up in the story, we’re safely on the outside looking in. In Mike Nelson’s work all that changes.

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