Man In His Ignorant State; Has Signed And Sealed His Own Fate

Here we go, I’m back with more of my environmentalism crap, for those of you who care. It’d be wrong of me to assume everyone’s heard or knows of Garbage Island, (no not a disdainful name for the novel, ‘Treasure Island’) . But..

If you’re not all too au fait with such.. then I’ve done half the work for you – a la posting this lovely Vice documentary (below).

Part one, anyway.

The rest is there so check out part two and three. I’m not going to baby you lot any further than this.

03 Junkie Beach Alt II

Junkie Beach

Most merfolk I imagine, would be rather disgusted with such a place. But not this one, this derelict junkie of a mermaid loves living in squalor, not even her own. She couldn’t care less, once she’s got her junk.

I was planning on littering the sand in the foreground, with an array of hypodermic needles strewn about – just like real life!

I’m also considering painting in a 6 pack plastic ring around her forearm as a tourniquet.

In any event, there’s the general basis of this body of work that I’m running on.

Today’s title is brought to you by Steel Pulse with their song Earth Crisis. – I was going to post it but I feel like I have done so previously in the past.


Welcome To Garbage Isle


“Man In His Ignorant State; Has Signed And Sealed His Own Fate”

A combination of us, as human beings sodomising the planet and that pacific ocean, island vibe in today’s pieces of work, I seriously thought the following tune would be tres appropes.

So we close off with a tune that’s somehow (Pulp Fiction) synonymous with some brutal, unsolicited sodomy – Comanche by The Revels

– so now, you go out there and be more conscious of our folly and/or do your part for the environment (how many times have you heard that one before, right?)!


Irie folks,

Keep Blazing


Stay Amazing!

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